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Torah Championship: Coming to South Florida For Children Grades 3 Through 7

By Rabbi Moishe Kievman - Chabad Chayil

November 8, 2022

JewQ is an international competition of basic Jewish history and Torah concepts for boys and girls in grades 3 through 7. Geared for Jewish children who are not getting a typical Jewish day school education, Chabad Chayil will host a weekly class to make mastering the information fun and easy.

Now entering its 5th year, thousands of students from around the world are becoming experts in Jewish knowledge through JewQ!

Students will have the option of learning the information together with other kids their age at Chabad Chayil each week at their Highland Lakes location, or learning the book at home on their own and at their own pace. Each student that averages 70% or higher on the 3 qualifying tests earns the chance to be a champion—and the champions are the lucky ones invited to the JewQ annual Shabbaton in New York! All champions who score over 70% on all three tests will also qualify to earn a special prize or trip!

The once in a lifetime Shabbaton is full of fun hands-on activities and thrilling adventures. Champions take the final test to earn a JewQ Medal at the International Championship, the highlight of the JewQ experience and Shabbaton weekend. The top 2 finalists of each city will also get the chance to compete on stage in a live game show performance.

We are very excited for South Florida to be a part of this global and powerful initiative.

In addition to the International Championship, we’ll be celebrating the hard work of our JewQ contestants with a local game show event, scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 5th at a South Florida location TBA. The local event will give the community a chance to see just how much knowledge children have gained about the fundamentals of Judaism, including law, history, core concepts, and more.

• JewQ is for children grades 3 through 7.
• Each grade has specific information for that age.
• Each child will be given 3 tests during Hebrew School throughout the learning periods to keep them motivated and ascertain their level.
• Each child must spend at least 35 minutes a week mastering the information.
• Those who score an average of 70% through all 3 tests will join our Hebrew School on an exciting grand trip, as well as being eligible to enter the school championship.

To sponsor one or more children or to become a corporate sponsor of this amazing program and event, reach out to or call 305-770-1919. For other preschool or afterschool activities visit

JewQ is a project of Merkos 302 at Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn and Chabad Chayil's Community Hebrew After-School Program (CHAP). To sign a child up for weekly classes or for more information see:

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