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Get Involved! Help Shape The Future of Hallandale Beach

August 5, 2021

The City of Hallandale Beach Boards and Committees provide non-binding strategic advice/recommendations to the City Commission

The City of Hallandale Beach invites you to get involved on matters relating to our community, by volunteering on a board and/or committee. Volunteers are needed to serve in advisory capacity for the Boards and Committees of the City of Hallandale Beach. Members of Boards and Committees are appointed by the City Commission. In general, the Boards and Committees meet, research and report their findings and recommendations to the City Commission on their assigned topics.

Here is the current list of Boards & Committees vacancies for those of you, who would like to help shape the future of Hallandale Beach:

Beach Preservation Advisory Board - 2 Vacancies
The Beach Preservation Board shall endeavor the following: Public Education related to Preservation and Renourishment; as well as related to Boating, Fishing, Water Sports, Public Education, Information and Recommendations related to Dredging, Resource Protection and Management, Promotion of Marine related activities, review, research and recommendation related to Marine related facilities, review, research and recommendations related to water safety, signage, health, safety issues, identify conditions of waterways and needed corrections, including a potential study of the most feasible and economical method of maintaining the depths of waterways within the city, review, research and provide recommendations related to Board and Shoreline Preservation, Beach Erosion, Beach Cleanliness, Dune Preservation, and rising sea levels, review, research and provide recommendations related to water safety, signage, health and safety issues, conditions of waterways and needed corrections, including a study of the most feasible and economical methods of maintaining the depths of the waterways, within the City.

After the Board's research is completed, you will provide recommendations regarding the following: Operation of privately owned Marinas, operation of Small Boat Docking Areas, Hurricane Procedures, Instructional Schools, relations with the Coast Guard, Regulations of Waterskiing, Surfboarding, Kite-Boarding, Parasailing and similar activities, operation of the Excursion Boats, operations of the Charter Fishing Fleet, Regulation of Boat Docking, regulation of Water and Boat Shows, Boat Races, Service operation of City Marinas, Boat Launching, Docks, etc., Traffic conditions under bridges, Sanitation problems and proposed laws governing effluents from boats, Federal and State regulations affecting Waterways and Marine activity.

The Board shall meet a minimum of once every six weeks and provide recommendations or a report to the City Commission, at the Board’s discretion.

Beautification Advisory Board 1 Vacancy:
The Board advises and recommends to the City Commission actions relating to the overall appearance of the City, long range plans for beautification projects and other matters, which may be referred to the Board by the City Commission.

Education Advisory Board - 2 Vacancies:
The Board advises the City Commission on programs and resources opportunities for the City to partner with the schools, recommend actions to support education facilities, increase interactions and coordinations between local school’s businesses.

HBCRA Quadrant Safety Board - 3 Vacancies:
The Quadrant Safety Board (QSB) is designed to foster communications, between the Police and the community that they serve. The QSB allows residents in each of the HBCRA quadrants to have a voice in the development of safety measures in their community, as well as increase access to the City's Staff, their expertise, possibly acquiring funding to Finance Redevelopment projects to specifically address safety concerns in their specific Quadrants.

Historic Preservation Board - 1 Vacancy:
The Board shall recommend Designation, Regulation, Administration of Aesthetic, Archaeological, Architectural, Cultural, Historical and Paleontological Resources within the City. Make recommendations to the City Commission for adoption or amendment to rules, procedures that are reasonably necessary and appropriate for the proper administration and enforcement of the provisions of this Section. Recommend Designation of Individual Sites, Districts, Archaeological and Paleontological Zones to the City Commission, for issuance or denial of Special Certificates of Appropriateness and Certificates to dig from the City Commission. Establish, maintain and update guidelines for Preservation and Criteria for the issuance by Staff of regular Certificates of Appropriateness. Approve Historic Markers and provide other recognition for Individual Sites, Districts and Zones. Promote the awareness of Historic Preservation and its community benefits. Establish, review and update the City’s Historic Survey. Identify sources of Historic Records pertaining to the City. Serve as central collection point for donation of Historic Documents, pertaining to the City. Archive, Catalogue and maintain all Historic documents of the City.

Parks And Recreation Advisory Board - 4 Vacancies:
The Board shall make Recommendations concerning the operation of all Public Parks, Playgrounds, Undeveloped Park Lands, Public beaches and other recreational facilities within the City. Recommend to the City Commission and the City Manager from time to time actions which it believes the City Commission should take with reference to the Acquisition, Development, Maintenance of Parks, Playgrounds and Recreational Facilities in the City. Recommend rules and regulations for the operation of City Parks, Playgrounds and Public Recreational Facilities.

Sustainability And Flood Mitigation Advisory Board - 2 Vacancies:
The Board assists the City Commission to Identify and recommend affordable strategies associated with resource and ecosystem conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Research Environmentally Sound Practices that will reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, save money, energy and resources. Promote the use of methods, systems and materials that do not deplete Natural Land, Water and Energy Resources or Harmful Natural Cycles (i.e. The Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle, etc.); Research Financial Initiatives and Resources to offset costs such as grants and cost savings; Monitor the progress of approved initiatives, identify and address stumbling blocks to their implementation, to ensure that sustainability benefits, are achieved in a reasonable time frame. Identify, make recommendations with regards to goals, criteria, strategies, Green Building Standards for the City for Green Building Designs, including Energy and Water Efficient Construction, Consistent with the standards propounded by the Florida Building Code, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the U.S. Green Building council (USGBC), other leading groups setting forth standards on Economic Sustainability; Educate and engage the Public in efforts to make the City of Hallandale Beach, including residents, businesses, institutions, more sustainable and resilient. Assist with reviewing and updating the City’s Flood Plan Management, Hazard Mitigation Plan and other related plans.

Three Islands Safe Neighborhood District Advisory Board - 1 Vacancy:
The Board reviews, in an Advisory Capacity, in Public session, with City Representatives, a Safe Neighborhood Improvement Plan, District Budget and Improvements, District By-laws and related matters, for consideration and Approval of the Board of Directors. Consult with City Representatives, at least once per year regarding the Safe Neighborhood Plan for the District, the District Budget, Improvements and Related Matters. Prepare an annual report on the District’s activities, within a time specified by the Board of Directors. In fulfillment of duties, request City Manager Assistance through the Board of Directors. Prepare a written report for the Board of Directors, regarding all proceedings on Advisory Council Meetings.

Unsafe Structure Board - 1 Vacancy:
The Board Hears and Determines Appeals from Actions and Decisions of the Building Officials, Hears and Reviews, Applications from the Building Officials, where a Decision of a Notice of Violation has not been brought into Compliance.

Should you wish to serve on any of the Boards Listed and/or the Committees, please complete the Boards and Committees Application for consideration of an appointment and forward the completed application to the City Clerk’s office, you can apply on-line at: Or you can contact the City Clerk’s Office for more information, at: (954) 457-1340. Certain prerequisites apply, for a complete list of requirements, visit:

Appointed Members’ Duties will conclude on the date of the City Commission’s Organizational Meeting, following an election, typically, in late November.

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