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Foot Golf: Imagine If Soccer and Golf Had a Baby

July 21, 2022

If you enjoy being outdoors but don't have the skill or patience to play traditional Golf, then Foot Golf may be just the thing to get you on the course, plus there's a course right here in Hollywood at the Eco Gold Club. FootGolf is one of the fastest growing games around the world, is basically a hybrid sport, a combination of the popular sports of Soccer and Golf, but more closely related to Golf. It’s a relatively new sport where people use their feet instead of a Golf Club. Imagine if Soccer and Golf had a baby and you were able to have the best traits of both, a fun low pressure day enjoying the beautiful outdoors with friends. What more could we ask for living in South Florida?

How It Works
Although FootGolf is regarded as a casual game there are strict rules you must follow in order to play. Abiding by the rules makes the sport more fun to play because everyone is on a level playing field.

Players kick a regulation #5 Soccer Ball at a Golf Course Facility on shortened length holes with 21-inch diameter cups in as few shots as possible. FootGolf rules are very similar to the rules of Golf and bunkers, hazards and Golf Course characteristics help to improve the challenge of the game. FootGolf and Golf can be played alongside each other on the same course and both types of play can exist harmoniously together. Since the game is played on a Golf Course, the basic uniform of FootGolf is similar to traditional Golf apparel, with sturdy Indoor Soccer shoes, or running shoes, being the most appropriate to help protect your feet from potential injury!

Game Objective
To play, kick off your ball from behind the tee markers. Once kicked, you must wait until the ball comes to a full stop to kick it again. You are not allowed to push the ball with the top or bottom of your foot. The order of play during each hole depends on the distance to the hole, whoever is further, plays first. The order of tee off in each hole is established based on the score of the previous hole. If your ball lands on the Golf Green, it is forbidden to run to kick it. Place your foot next to the ball and take your putt. If Golfers are behind, you can let them go through, Golfers usually have a faster pace and will be out of your way in no time. Running and screaming and kicking the ball in the air with no purpose is strictly forbidden on the course. You can have a celebration if you make a nice shot, but please be discreet. The rules largely correspond to the rules of Golf.

Each hole has a Par, which is the amount of strokes it should take you to get the ball from the tee to the hole. If it's a Par 3 and you make it in 3 strokes, you have got yourself a Par. At the end of the round add up all strokes and see what your final score is. Whoever got less is the winner of the day.

Traditional Golf
No time for 18 holes? Then play a round at Eco Golf Club, they pride themselves on having one of the most beautiful executive Public Golf Courses in South Florida. Their Par 32, nine hole course is challenging to all skill levels. Eco Golf Course provides premium rewards for accuracy and the ability to put undulating greens. The Golf Course conditioning is superb and complemented by lush landscaping that is visually stimulating with an array of Native Bird Species. You will have the option of either walking or riding our beautiful nine hole Golf Course. Don’t want to bring your clubs or pull carts? Both rental clubs and hand cars are always available for you, plus they are open 7 days a week.

The Club
The scenic Hollywood Beach Golf Club offers a Golf experience that cannot be duplicated in Hollywood. The Hollywood Beach Golf Club is home to a challenging 18-hole course that is perfect for Golfers of all levels. The picturesque course gives you an experience reminiscent of old Florida and lets you focus on your Golf game and leave the day-to-day distractions behind. Test your skills on our narrow fairways, various water hazards and strategically placed bunkers.

FootGolf is a fun, new way to enjoy the great outdoors while also getting some exercise. So if you would like to try something new this summer with a group of friends or family, try FootGolf at Eco Golf Club. For more information, please call: (954) 922-8755.

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