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Fix Your Water Damage: 1st Priority Restoration Experts

October 7, 2021

Mold & viruses can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. One tiny water leak can create huge problems.

If your home has been damaged by water from a leaking pipe, intruding water from all the current rains or mold damage from moisture over time. How are you going to address these problems in your home? A Restora-tion Company such as 1st Priority Restoration is usually the first company to call following significant damage to a home from floods, water damage, sewage backup and other major water events. The job of a restoration company is to clean up the mess and to preserve the home, protect the home and its contents so that further damage will not occur. Flood damage can be found in any geographical area, regardless of elevation. The causes of flooding can range from natural disasters, burst pipes, leaking pipes, rain storms or sewer lines that are backing up. Even in a condo, you could have a water leak in your wall, under a toilet or behind a kitchen cabinet creating mold that can cause damage to your property and your health. 1st Priority Restoration can find the source of the leak, fix it, restore your property and work directly with your insurance. Regardless of the cause, restoration professionals are called upon to repair water damage, mold damage and restore flooded properties. The water damage restoration process is highly regulated in order to ensure that properties damaged by flood or sewer events, can be effectively restored to a safe space for a homeowner to remain safe during the cleanup. You need a company such as 1st Priority Restoration who you can trust to do the job correctly.

The process is simple, when 1st Priority Restoration arrives, they will thoroughly walk through your home and discuss the areas that need to be cleaned & restored to their original condition. Your insurance company adjuster or claim representative may recommend what and how your home should be cleaned, but in the end, it is your decision to make. In the past year, we have all heard the word “Mitiga-tion” more times than we can count, but with water damage, that is exactly what needs to be done. Water damage restoration does not stop at restoring your real estate back to proper functioning. The professionals at 1st Priority will inspect the underlying causes that have caused the water damage in the first place and make sure there won’t be a reoccurrence. They will repair all of the damaged structures and replace the materials to make your property safe, for years to come.

If your property has been exposed to water damage, you may have to do water mitigation. Strict actions are required in water mitigation, such as: removal of damaged materials such as drywall and flooring. Molds and mildew that have accumulated in areas in your property will be disinfected and deodorized to restore a healthy environment. Further cleaning and deodorizing should be done to make sure that your real estate is back in tip-top shape.

Water damage mitigation should happen immediately after flooding or water buildup. Take action immediately, because letting your property sit in water can cause further damages and expenses. Materials soaking in water collect microbes and spread water-borne diseases. Furniture, wood flooring and walls will crack, sag and collect fungi after prolonged exposure to moisture. If your property is particularly old, it may be time to replace materials such as pipes to prevent a reoccurrence of water damage. If pipes are behind walls, it may require more extensive repairs.

The water mitigation process will depend on how long your property has been exposed to water. Air humidifiers and drying equipment must be turned on around the clock in areas with severe water damage. Mold spores are especially dangerous to health and thorough cleaning and disinfecting should be done as part of the water damage mitigation. It is advisable to get the temperature, humidity and moisture of your property tested to see if it has been restored to normal standards, 1st Priority professionals can handle the entire process. After 1st Priority Restor-ation evaluates the work and equipment needed to clean your home, they will provide you QUICKLY with an estimate or contract/services.

One tiny water leak can create huge problems in a home or business. An undetected water pipe leak will not only dramatically increase your utility bills, but it can also lead to even more expensive water damage and mold. If you’ve had higher than average water bills, constantly have to refill your pool or hear running water, it’s time to call the leak detection specialists at 1st Priority Restoration! Is water pipe leak detection possible if the pipes are behind a wall? Yes, using the newest state-of-the-art detection tools, highly trained technicians are able to locate water pipe leaks that are hidden behind walls. They can even provide water plumbing leak detection within concrete slab foundations. Will insurance cover the cost of plumbing leak detection services? That all depends on your home's insurance plan. In many situations, when there is a need for water damage restoration, many insurance companies will cover the related costs. 1st Priority Restoration representatives can work directly with your homeowners insurance to verify the need for the plumbing leak detection service, cause of the problem and the repairs that will be required to remedy the situation.

When it comes to mold and mildew, we cannot take those potential hazards lightly. A mold problem can cause you to experience dizziness, anxiety, depression and even hallucinations. If you have been experiencing a diminished attention span or problems with your memory, it might be a good idea to have your home inspected for black mold by a mold remediation crew. For people sensitive to mold, inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions, including sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rashes. People with serious mold allergies may have more severe reactions, including shortness of breath. At 1st Priority Restora-tion, this is what they do 365 days a year, nobody knows how to prevent potential dangers like they do. By dialing: 1 (800) 617-1112 – you can save financially and your health as well!

Mold is found both indoors and outdoors. Mold can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, heating and air conditioning systems. Mold in the outside air can also attach itself to clothing, shoes, bags and pets, which can be carried indoors. Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, pipes or where there has been flooding. Mold grows well on paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles and wood products. Mold can also grow in dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric and upholstery. With all of the rain and storms we have been having these past months, you can see a pattern of mold growth that will last. From leaks, flooding and driving rain, mold growth is a certainty in South Florida. If you are concerned that you might have a mold or mildew problem, it is best to call the professionals for a complete evaluation of your home. Your health is your most important asset, so just like you go see a doctor for a test, your home needs testing as well.

There are some important ways that we can prevent the spread of mold and what you can do to get rid of it. Keep an eye out for hidden leaks: Wet spots on your ceiling, the baseboards or on the floor are a telltale sign of a leaky pipe or roof. Your home's pipes are behind drywall, which can leave a small leak unnoticed. Mold can grow behind those walls and filter into the air through ducts or pipes. At 1st Priority, they can come in and assess the situation before it gets worse. Did you know that many air conditioner systems/ducts are susceptible to mold growth? They often trap moisture, creating a breeding ground for spores. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms create a lot of excess heat and humidity, especially here in south Florida – whether it is from a shower, stove or even a dryer, all of these areas should be well ventilated.

Education is key to anything – when our health is at stake – knowing that mold spores can lay dormant for years after they are produced and could begin growing again at any time, it is extremely important to know. Because of this, regular cleanings and having 1st Priority Restoration to depend on, will certainly make our lives much easier. Ever wonder why you or your children wake up coughing and sneezing on a regular basis? The CDC may have the answer. According to the CDC, in 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found that there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughing, sneezing and wheezing in otherwise healthy people and in individuals susceptible with compromised immune conditions. Mold or mold spores may cause asthma attacks in people who have asthma and are allergic to mold. Even in some nonallergic individuals, mold can cause sym-ptoms of irritation in the eyes, skin and airways. For example, the "black mold" Stachybotrys, along with some other types of mold, produce toxins known as mycotoxins that can cause irritation of the skin and airways in susceptible individuals. Some-times, people may develop se-vere reactions to mold exposure, but cleaning and sanitizing by professionals you can trust, can help mitigate MOST OF the health issues.

With decades in the business, 1st Priority Restoration is a reputable company with over 20 employees that are licensed and insured. They have been doing all types of cleaning, sanitizing, leak/mold detection and water damage restoration for more than a decade. "We use the most efficient cleaning and water removal equipment to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the job we do for them. We try to use nontoxic (Green) safe chemicals for all mildew treatments. In all of the years that we have been helping our customers with water damage, they have always been pleased with the work that we do and we have never received a single complaint!”

If you have lived in south Florida for any period of time, you already know that the weather is ever changing, for that reason, the rainy season can happen at any time. It doesn’t have to be a tropical system to cause flooding and everything that goes along with it, a leak or burst pipe can happen at any time of year, 1st Priority Restoration is available to help get your home back to a healthy environment for you and your family. What continues to separate them from anyone else is that they can take care of all of your water damage problems - as well as conducting leak and mold detections, working with your insurance company and your adjuster. By calling 1st Priority Restoration, you are getting a business that understands it all and is ready to spring into immediate action 12 months a year. From ceiling repair, drywall replacement, structural damage, roof leaks, floor repair, furniture cleaning, mold removal and treatments, they have it all covered.

"If a customer calls and is not completely satisfied with any of the work, the crew will return promptly to your property and will meet your expectations. our customers are 100% satisfied."

Proud member of the Better Business Bureau.
1st Priority Restoration
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