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U.S. Medicare Info Helping Seniors With Medicare Programs Throughout Florida

PROFILES By David L. Snelling

April 24, 2022

For almost five years, U.S. Medicare Info has been helping senior’s in South Florida get coverage for health and drug services not covered by Original Medicare from the government.

US Medicare Info. is lead by Steven Hulnick, Owner of Hulnick Insurance Inc. Hulnick is a contracted agent for many of the insurance companies that have expanded coverage to seniors on Medicare to close the gap including, United Health Care the AARP Program, Medica, Preferred Care Partners, Aetna, Humana, Well Care and Silver Script.

Hulnick, 48, said the problem stems from the government covering 80 percent of Medicare patients' costs and doesn't offer a drug plan.

"As a broker, I work with private insurance companies that offer Medicare insurance supplement programs to cover the balance of what the government doesn't provide," he said. "People call me very confused because of the process. They reach out for assistance and I guide them in the right direction. I consider myself an advocate for seniors."

Licensed to do business in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Arizona and soon to be in Michigan. Hulnick said he's ranked in the top two percent of selling agents in the U.S.

Hulnick, a native of New York, said his agents working for him are also licensed to do business in those states.

To assist seniors, Hulnick said his team first helps clients enrolled in the government's Medicare plan and then can guide them to sign up for the Medicare Supplement programs with private insurance companies to round out coverage and make them complete.

He said he doesn't charge seniors for helping them.

"No salary, just a fee paid directly from the insurance company," he said.

Previously, Hulnick has over 20 years of insurance experience, selling Health, Life, Property and Casualty insurances.

Hulnick spends his time concentrating on Medicare because he enjoys being a resource to the community while building a successful business.

"I tell my clients, I am lucky to be able to build a business while helping people," he said.

Hulnick said trust with his clients has become the source of their relationship which helps attract and retain customers.

He said his clients can always depend on him and rely on his expertise and trusting advice.

"People call me because they are concerned and scared of the process," he said. "I come in with a helping hand and nurture them through the process.

He added: "By doing right by my clients, I receive referrals from neighbors and family members throughout the country. They call me because of the trust that I build."

Hulnick said he has transitioned to working remotely due to COVID which hasn't slowed his business down.

He said now he communicates through conference calls, Zoom and emails to get clients signed up through electronic email applications and voice recorded technologies.

Selling insurance wasn't Hulnick's first career.

A graduate of Johnson Wales University's main campus in Providence, Rhode Island, Hulnick worked in the advertising industry for Grey Advertising in New York.

He said his clients included Six Flags Theme Park, Seagram, Captain Morgan and Crown Royal.

Hulnick said he met his wife, Elissa Pearl Hulnick, while working in New York and they moved to Florida, where she graduated from the University of Miami School of Law and he earned his MBA at Nova Southeastern University.

For more assistance with U.S. Medicare Info contact
Steven Hulnick at 561-676-4629,
via email
or find our more details online at

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