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Reliable Air Conditioning Services of South Florida

By Felipe Castilla

March 2, 2022

Putting the Customer Above All Else for 18 Years

Reliable Air Conditioning Services of South Florida’s dedication to quality and service is what separates it from other air conditioning companies. For over 18 years they have provided air conditioning services, repairs, sales and installations to clients across South Florida with unrivaled professionalism, care and dedication, building up a company that has stood the test of time.

Reggie Bernhardt and Orlando Castro, the founders of Reliable A.C., met at another air conditioning company, where they both realized they wanted to branch off and do something together. They weren’t satisfied with simply installing air conditioners and collecting a paycheck.

“With installations you’re just there, you go in you have a mission you have to take out the unit and put in a new one, said Bernhardt. “There’s no time to get to know the client.”

Bernhardt and Castro grew their company by building life-long relationships with their clients and focusing on truly exceptional and personalized services that are always prompt and on time. Their same day installations services ensures that no one is left without a working air conditioner because they understand that client comfort is everything.

“A person without air conditioning is not a happy person,” Bernhardt said. “So we do everything we can to get people the units they need as soon as they need it, especially in South Florida where it can get really hot in the summertime.”

Reliable Air Conditioning Services of South Florida has great contractor relationships with most of the popular AC manufacturers in the industry. That’s how they are able to get the best air conditioning units for the best prices. These brands include Rheem, Bosch, Trane, Carrier, Ruud, York, Goodman, and many others, resulting in dependable, quality units for all of their customers. But they go much further than that. Using their expert, certified technicians they replace existing systems and install a brand new system in the most efficient way possible guaranteeing customer satisfaction each and every time.

Another truly remarkable fact about this company is their commitment to innovation. Using advanced germicidal UV light technology, Reliable A.C. sanitizes and purifies the air ducts of all the AC units they install. In fact, they perform regular duct cleaning, which is proven to help alleviate allergies, chronic headaches, respiratory ailments, and even the common cold. This technology protects the customer while making certain the air quality of the unit remains excellent and up to standard.

They also perform regularly scheduled AC maintenance and repairs. But what sets them apart from other air conditioning companies is their commitment to their customer. When an AC unit breaks down, customers are given a label warranty. So, whether the repair is scheduled or an absolute emergency, you can depend on Reliable A.C. to get your unit started again immediately, effectively and in a timely fashion.

“It’s not just about going over there and installing the unit or getting the money,” Bernhardt said. “Even if we’re not making money going back we go and resolve any issue because we want long term relationships with our client's.”

If a customer cannot afford a new unit, that is not a problem. Reliable A.C. has a facility where they host many refurbished air conditioning units for purchase at competitive prices. But their commitment to customer satisfaction does not end there. They provide same-day installation services on any unit that is sold to a customer.

“Anybody at any time when someone needs to come over we’ll gladly show them our inventory,” Bernhardt said. “We give same day service be-cause we understand customers just don’t want to wait.”

If you decide you need a new air conditioning unit in your home or commercial office, you call Reliable A.C. and they will give you an estimate of pricing completely free. If you choose to proceed with their services you can expect a quick turn around for a brand new or refurbished unit.

Bernhardt and Castro have certified and experienced technicians providing air conditioning service, air conditioning repairs, air conditioning sales and installations in Aventura, Sunny Isles, North Miami, Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, Hallandale, Hollywood and all of the surrounding cities.

Their main focus and passion, however, is service and troubleshooting.

“I love to do service because when you do service you get to really speak with the clients,” Bernhardt said. “With service work you get that interaction with the client and as well as being able to qualify the client for what you think they need and don’t need.”

Bernhardt and Castro’s passion for their clients stems from their 18 years of cultivating and nurturing relationships with people across South Florida. When they started Reliable Air Conditioning Services of South Florida, they were heavily reliant on word-of-mouth marketing to support their new business. It was due to this reliance on the good word of their customers that they learned the value of doing right by the people they were servicing. As the business grew, the clients they depended on in the beginning stayed with them and their loyalty has motivated Reliable A.C. to stay true to their principles of customer satisfaction.

“We have the same clients calling us back 10, 12 years later just because they want to change their unit for something more efficient,” Bernhardt said. “We’ve had clients that we’ve known for 18 years that love us because we’re not just in and out. Customer service is number one.”

You can contact them at: (954)629-4232
or visit them online at:
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