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Public Adjuster PICC has settled 50,000 homeowners claims since 2001

By David L. Snelling

December 13, 2021

Homeowners needing to file claims with their insurance companies to cover damages to their homes may want to hire a public adjuster to make sure the financial institutions honor their policies and they are not short changed.

Since 2001, People's Insurance Claim Center (PICC) Public Adjuster, 20201 N.E. 16th Place, has settled 50,000 claims on behalf of homeowners, acting as their claims representative when dealing with their homeowners insurance companies.

Kary Heredia, a claims representative and spokesperson for PICC Public Adjuster which is licensed and certified, said the company takes care of the entire claims process to make sure the insurance companies fully cover damages for roof leaks, broken pipes, theft and vandalism, fire damage, flood damage, hurricane damage and mold.

Founded by President and CEO Gedale Fenster in 2001, PICC inspects homes for damages to tally up the estimated amounts to cover the damages and file the paperwork with the insurance companies.

All homeowners have to do is relax and let PICC take care of their claims.

The company really springs into action when the insurance companies deny or delay homeowners claims or the claims are underpaid.

Heredia said some insurance companies throughout the years charge more by increasing homeowners premiums even when a hurricane or other natural disasters doesn't hit South Florida but pay less on homeowners' claims.

She said 90 percent of the time, the payout is not efficient enough to cover the costs for repairs.

"They try to take advantage of homeowners and the payout doesn't balance out," Heredia said. "It's not what the payouts should be. The insurance companies treat you this way: you get $20,000 but you have $50,000 worth of damages. That's why homeowners need a public adjuster to make sure they get enough to cover all of their damages to their homes."

Heredia said before Hurricane Irma left South Florida in its patch of destruction in 2017, which was the last major storm since Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the insurance companies were allowed to increase homeowners' premiums each year.

After Hurricane Irma made landfall, some insurance companies took too long to settle a lot of claims, delayed the claims process until or denied some claims.

Heredia said PICC works as fast as possible on behalf of their clients but can't push the insurance companies to speed up the claims process.

"We don't harass them but we make sure they are working on the claims, staying on top of them," she said. "We file the documents and it's really up to them when the claims are settled or not."

Heredia said claims insurance companies denying claims for whatever reason could escalate to a legal dispute.

She said PICC files lawsuits against the insurance companies at no costs to the homeowners hoping to reach a settlement outside of court. She said most insurance companies settled the litigation and claims without a judge.

And the insurance companies pay PICC's attorney fees.

"The attorneys for both sides always reach an agreement and the case doesn't go to court in front of a judge, "Heredia said. "They are always willing to settle out of court."

Heredia said some insurance companies won't cover damaged for old water pipes in homes that were built in the 1960s and 1970s and some limit coverage on water damages.

PICC can help can their clients in that department as well. PICC also represents commercial buildings.

Heredia said PICC helped Jungle Island recover millions of dollars worth of damages caused by Hurricane Irma.

Fenster, 44, said he founded PICC when he noticed insurance companies were taking advantage of homeowners.

He said a lot of people who filed their claims were not getting the full value on their claims.

"The homeowners were severely at a disadvantage," he said. "I thought it would be great to represent homeowners to make sure they get the right amount on their claims."

For more information about PICC call 786-290-3663 or visit

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