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Miracle Day Miami: Easter Sunday Resurrection Power - April 17, 2022

By David L. Snelling

March 18, 2022

This Easter Sunday Pastor Harris will be hosting Miracle Day Miami in Downtown Miami outside the Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 NW 1st Ave at 10am

Pastor Harris: The Mystical Man who stands on the bedrock of faith in God.

Divine Intervention Ministries.

"Why was Jesus Christ so focused on healing those that were sick and physically challenged more than any other miracle he performed in his Earthly Ministry?"

On this Easter Sunday Pastor Harris will be hosting Miracle Day Miami in Downtown Miami outside the Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 Northwest 1st Avenue at 9:45 a.m.

His mission is to demonstrate divine intervention through the power of prayer to freely help those who come believing that Jesus still works miracles, regardless of their illnesses or physical challenges, adults and children nothing is too hard/impossible for God, without faith it is impossible to please God!

Pastor Harris said the purpose of this Easter event is to awaken and raise the power of Christ’s consciousness in others, his method is simple, Jesus Christ is the Lord and he desires to save every soul and heal all sick and disabled bodies, the age of miracles has not yet passed.

Harris carries a firm belief that God chooses whomever he pleases as gifted instruments to heal others who believe and seek divine intervention. According to the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ commands us to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick. (Matthew 10:8)

With no agenda other than to demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ to others in a unique and peculiar way, he stands on the bedrock of faith, that with God all things are possible even in a faithless world of skepticism and criticism.

Our mission is to demonstrate events or effects in the physical world beyond or out of the ordinary course of things, deviating from the known laws of nature, through the power of prayer to help others connect with the divine will and purpose of God to be in good health, for the salvation of their souls and for the glory of God.

Harris, who has been an outreach minister for the past 17 years, saw first hand that miracles do happen through the power of prayer. Throughout his years as a Pastor, he has administered healing through Christ to help many individuals back to perfect health and wellbeing, some no longer taking medication, many currently living without any physical discomfort. He has learned to see things through the eyes of a mystic.

Humbly, he carries out his divine mission amongst family/friends and colleagues in an unpublicized manner and continues to point others to Jesus Christ’s salvation, he said that salvation and spiritual healing is not for sale nor in contrast for financial gain.

Harris never encourages anyone not to ever seek medical attention, however he hopes prayer for divine physical healing to be an option alongside modern medicine in the near future.

Our mission is to open the first brick and mortar Divine Intervention Clinic in the USA in the near future, a place where miracles happen for those who come in faith. The paraplegic will walk, the deaf will hear, the dumb will speak, the blind will see and sicknesses will be healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Harris migrated from the West Indies to the USA at the age of 19, he registered with the United States Armed Forces Selected Services, he later migrated his immediate family to the USA and is a proud father of a son currently serving in the United States Marine Corp. and a daughter, who is a Veteran of the US Navy, he encourages his family that the American Dream is a reality that must be taken seriously through hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Harris said growing up in the countryside of the West Indies was a rough, tough and hard life. But through it all, his faith and spirituality kept him strong and courageous and focused, holding on to the highest mission in this life on Earth to fulfill his true divine purpose through Jesus Christ.

Harris said he was divinely led to the busy Miami area location for this Miracle Day Event and pursued obtaining a permit from the City of Miami to hold the event. The building is next to a bus terminal, Metrorail, Metro Mover Stations and Downtown Miami is an easily accessible destination for people needing wheelchair access and there is plenty of Public/Street Parking.

Divine Intervention Ministries Inspiring Awe & Wonders

Miracle Day Miami
Sick or Physically Challenged?
"Jesus Christ still works miracle"
Easter Sunday Resurrection Power
April 17, 2022

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