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Introducing Maison La Fleur: An Emblem of Love, Beauty, and the Spirit of Valentine’s Day in Aventura

Joyce R. Forchion

February 7, 2022

Maison La Fleur is in full bloom in South Florida’s “City of Excellence,” creating an enchanting vision of unparalleled beauty amid the bustling Aventura ParkSquare community. Thanks to the efforts of its visionary founders– international photographer and creative director, Natalia Rousso; and marketing expert, Eyyub Jafarov - the luxury flower boutique’s aesthetic epitomizes the neighborhood’s evolution of juxtaposing scenic storefronts with metropolitan, mixed-use developments.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, local residents are gifted with a destination that not only promotes the spirit of love throughout the year, but also serves as a picturesque work of art in its own right.

Rousso and Jafarov founded Maison La Fleur in 2020 to introduce a classical European approach to contemporary floral arrangements pairing loose, organic techniques with intricate color theory. Their mission is to redefine and elevate the traditional flower shop experience. “What started as just a simple idea grew into something special and unique, and Eyyub and I are very proud of what we’ve built so far,” said Rousso. “Everything kind of fell into place; flowers dictated the name of the business and the location inspired the interior design elements. Any business is almost like a marriage, or a thread of ideas that has to form a big picture, so a lot of thought and effort from many truly talented individuals helped Maison La Fleur become a reality.”

Rousso opened the store in Aventura to contribute to the neighborhood’s vibrant diversity. “Aventura is a wonderful city with amazing infrastructure. It’s a great place for young families and older individuals alike, so there’s literally something for everyone here,” she said. “It has great restaurants, salons, hotels, grocery stores-- it literally has it all. It’s hip, refreshing, and every other business owner in ParkSquare is supportive.”

As one of the city’s most “Instagrammable” locales, Maison La Fleur has swiftly become a local landmark for young professionals, intergenerational families, artists, and tourists. Passersby and visitors are usually drawn to the store’s signature floral archway and sensory shopping experience, punctuated by the shop’s plush, decorative furnishings. “The design took a little bit of time but was originally inspired by London’s famous restaurant, The Florist. We fell in love with their cherry blossoms and tried to incorporate that into our design. I also wanted to come up with something modern, yet cozy and inviting,” said Rousso.

To engage the community and expand the international scope of their brand, Maison La Fleur will soon expand into an intimate champagne bar offering 12 specialty bellinis, Tea Forte, coffee and gourmet desserts. Jafarov anticipates the bar opening and encourages residents to visit. “Aventura offers a tight community of intelligent, diverse and friendly people eager to assist. Just like others have supported us, we would love to give back and support new business owners as well.” For more information about the luxury flower boutique, call (888) 202-0011 or visit their website at

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