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Broward County Transit Ridership Surges in March 2024

June 6, 2024

Broward County Transit (BCT) experienced a significant ridership increase in March 2024, reflecting growing community confidence in public transportation. Systemwide boardings reached 2,250,557, marking a 2.3% increase over March of 2023, and a remarkable 7.5% year-to-date increase. This surge brings BCT to nearly 89.1% of pre-pandemic ridership levels, highlighting a positive trend.

Fixed Route Shines with Strong Growth:
Fixed Route services, the backbone of BCT’s system, saw impressive gains. Boardings reached 2,055,273 in March, a 6.6% increase compared to March 2023 and a significant growth of 7.6% year-to-date. Notably, average weekday, Saturday, and Sunday boardings all increased with Sundays exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

Breeze Remains Reliable Choice:
BCT's convenient Breeze service maintained its commitment to riders. While total monthly boardings remained steady at 100,902, average weekday boardings saw a notable increase of 9.5% over March 2023. This resilience brings Breeze service to 73.5% of pre-pandemic ridership, solidifying its enduring appeal.

Express Service Shows Promise Despite Challenges:
Average weekday boardings offered a promising sign with a 4.9% year-to-date increase. Despite shifts in the ridership and commuting patterns, BCT’s Express service remains a vital link for many, with ridership reaching 66.3% of pre-pandemic levels.

Community Shuttles Connect and Grow:
Community Shuttles, essential for linking neighborhoods, showcased remarkable growth. Total monthly boardings increased by 6.6%, and average weekday boardings rose by an impressive 16.8%. This growth emphasizes the shuttles' role as lifelines for many in the community.

Paratransit Service Prioritizes Inclusivity:
Committed to accessibility, BCT's Paratransit services saw a significant rise in both total monthly boardings (up 6.3% from March 2023) and average weekday boardings (up a substantial 27.3%). This growth underscores BCT's unwavering dedication to serving all members of the community.

Balancing Ridership with Fiscal Responsibility:
While ridership thrived, BCT acknowledges the financial realities of operations. Despite a 6% decrease in farebox revenues compared to March 2023, the commitment to fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth remains strong. Revenues currently stand at 82.5% of pre-pandemic levels, demonstrating BCT's proactive approach in navigating financial challenges.

Looking Beyond Numbers: A Story of Community:
BCT views these figures as more than just data, but rather stories of resilience, determination, and community spirit. Every boarding represents a journey, every increase a triumph, and each milestone a testament to the enduring strength of Broward County Transit.

"We are thrilled to see ridership steadily climbing across all our services," said Broward County Transit CEO/General Manager Coree Cuff Lonergan. "This growth reflects the increasing importance of reliable and accessible public transportation in our community. We remain committed to providing efficient, affordable, and sustainable options for all residents."

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