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Adopt a Catch Basin: Join The City of Hollywood to Help Control Flooding

June 8, 2023

Now that we are in the rainy season, frequent heavy rainstorms increases the potential for localized flooding. City of Hollywood crews work to keep the more than 157 miles of underground storm system piping and 4900 catch basins clean. Residents can also do their part by pitching in to help control flooding in and around their neighborhood by adopting their own catch basin.

The adoption is easy - just sign-up to adopt, take a look at the basin at least once a month and clean it as needed. Then submit proof of your efforts. In doing so, you can earn points for rewards for helping to prevent flooding and waterway pollution.

Help to make a real difference in your neighborhood, sign up today:

You can also reduce the amount of debris that flows into the storm drain system by throwing coconuts into your garbage cart for collection, and ensuring your lawn clippings and yard waste is properly disposed.

For catch basin issues in the City of Hollywood, please call the Underground Utilities Division at: 954.921.3046.

Flood Safety Tips
Call 911 if floodwater impacts your home and creates an emergency situation such as a fire.

• Report a storm water issue by calling: 954.921.3046. This is the same number to call to report issues after hours, on weekends and holidays.
• Report street-level flooding that makes roads impassable by calling: 954.764.4357.
• Motorists should not attempt to drive through flooded areas. Remember, "Turn Around, Don't Drown."
• Use caution with electrical appliances, electrical cords and outlets if floodwaters have entered your home.   

Residents should not wade in standing flood water, which can contain contaminants. Following a heavy storm, sharp debris and other items from overturned garbage bins could be hidden in the water and cause injury. Standing water also may contain harmful bacteria that could cause infection. Children and pets should not be allowed to play in flood water.

Additional information about storm water flooding can be found at:

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is underway. Finalize your storm plans now so you are prepared. The season runs through November 30th and the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday runs through June 9th. Take a moment to view the storm surge video so you can factor it into your preparation planning.

Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday:
Surviving Storm Surge:
Meet Tom and hear his story:
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What you need to prepare:

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