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Village of Extension: Hallandale’s Newest & Hottest Beauty Bar

By Austin Torres

July 28, 2021

Are you in search of a new beauty salon? Are you looking for a fun change in your life? Then the Village of Extension might just be the perfect place for you to visit.

This luxurious salon caters to all hair styles and hair types and offers top tier service as well as some of the finest quality wigs and extensions. Village of Extension’s owner, Madjona, recently opened the doors to her beauty bar in April and is eager to take care of any and all customers. Take a step inside this gorgeous salon and treat yourself to a new wig while enjoying some of the greatest customer service in the city.

Madjona’s journey as a hair expert began in 2016. While styling the hair of several clients, she began to develop a true passion for hair care that would ultimately motivate her to open up her own salon. After spending time searching for the right space, Madjona finally settled on a location in 2020. Due to the pandemic, she decided to spend time remodeling and developing the space before, finally opening it in 2021. The end result is an immaculate salon, pristinely kept, completely updated, and ready to take care of all your hair needs.

As soon as you enter Village of Extension, you will notice beautiful natural lighting that pours in through the massive windows at the entrance of the salon. Gorgeous wood style flooring gives the space a modern and chic, but organic look. At the receptionist desk, you will see a bed of garden styled décor, providing the backdrop to the titular welcoming sign that adorns the wall which reads “Village of Extension Beauty Bar.” To the left of the store, you will find numerous products; elegant wigs of various styles hung on a rack, as well as a diverse selection of girdles and bras: body strapless girdles, wide waist hip hugger girdles, deep cut bras and deep cut with underwire bras. Additionally, you will also find plenty of lovely headbands from esteemed brands like Gucci and Dior.

To the left, you’ll find a number of beauty stations; plush comfortable chairs for clients to sit on along with brilliantly lit mirrors. Down the middle, you will find a stately red carpet rolled out for guests, because every customer that walks in through that door is a star. Village of Extensions’ beautiful décor and design, have a Californian aesthetic that is set up to make customers feel welcome and at home, inside this upscale salon.

The most popular products Madjona sells at Village of Extension, are wigs and extensions. Madjona’s products are of the highest caliber, delicately crafted, using 100% unprocessed human hair. Some of you reading this article might be wondering, “Why wear a wig?” In recent years, wigs and hair extensions have exploded in popularity, with a variety of different well-known celebrities, wearing wigs as an act of self-expression. Hair, as Madjona and any hair expert knows, is a major component and fundamental part of our personalities and how we express ourselves.

Wigs give women the freedom and opportunity to express themselves in unique ways, without having to go through the tedious and often damaging processes of changing their hair. Dye jobs, blowouts, relaxing and curling treatments, mousse, root lifters, and hairspray, all take a significant toll on your hair and they can cause long lasting damage. But, by owning a wig or two you can have the option to drastically change your look in a positive way without having to jeopardize the health of your hair. Another positive aspect of wearing a wig is the possibility of trying a new look without having to commit to it. Have a new color you want to try out but too afraid of the commitment of a dye job? Give a wig a go and see how you look. Let your hair have the rest it needs with a wig, while also stepping outside the norm and experimenting with a different look.

Wigs are also a great way to change your look up without having to spent too much time doing so. Imagine all of the time that can be saved by wearing wig. On average women spend 6 years doing their hair, great deal of time that could potentially be saved by keeping a wig handy. And you can rest assured knowing that all of Village of Extensions are made to last. Lace enclosures can last for up to 12 months, while wigs could have a lifespan of 5 years, if handled with proper care, and since they are made with 100% unprocessed hair, they can even be dyed.

Come by Village of Extension and check out any of one of their great options ranging from the powerful deep curl which features voluptuous depth, to the more classical and tame straight style, there is no shortage of options. Village of Extension also offers full salon treatment, and bridal packages.

For more information you can contact Village of Extension at 305.420.6369, visit their websites at: Instagram: @villageofextension, or email them at Village of Extensions’ hours of operation are Monday- Saturday 10am-8pm. Village of Extension is also currently looking to employ hairstylists, braiders, and makeup artists, so if you are looking for a wonderful new salon to bring your talents to, you are encouraged to come visit. “My favorite part of working in this business is helping my people and watching them leave the store happy with a huge smile,” says Madjona.

Village of Extension is looking for professional stylist and manicurist. If you would like to be a part of this amazing team call 305-420-6396.

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