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Millions Of Reasons To Celebrate: Hallandale Beach Secures Grant Funds & Investment Opportunities

October 13, 2022

The City Of Hallandale Beach has received over $30 Million in Grant Funds through Fiscal Year 2022 toward projects to enhance services and programs for residents. “We have worked so hard, that today I can tell you we have 30 million reasons to celebrate,” said Assistant City Manager Noemy Sandoval. “We have secured $30 Million in Grants. These are Grants we have secured in different areas and for different purposes including Infrastructure Projects, Parks, as well as Cameras and License Plate Readers to enhance our Public Safety for our community.”

The City’s limited Resources and Budgetary Constraints led to the establishment of the Grants Management, Sustainability and Innovation Office (GMSI) in June 2017. The GMSI Office ensures that the City of Hallandale Beach effectively manages Grant Activities and establishes Internal Controls and Guidelines for Research, Applications, Financial and Reporting of City, County, State, Federal or other Grant Policies.

The type of Grants the Office applies for include: Formula Grants, Block Grants (noncompetitive) and Discretionary Grants (competitive).

“With a Formula Grant, those dollars are allocated for the City and it’s just a matter of getting them,” explains Sandoval. "Competitive Grants would be those where you have to have a very good business case for them.”

The City’s strategic planning for major projects has been a contributing factor in securing the Grant Funding to address Public Health and Safety, Environmental Enhancements to reduce Emissions with the addition of nine All-Electric Buses and Infrastructure Improvements.

“This year we received one of the largest Grants given to any City,” said City of Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper. “Our City was awarded $15 Million and the reason we received that Grant is due to the hard work and commitment of the City Manager’s Office and his Staff to ensure we were shovel ready.”

One of the City’s main concerns is the amount of work still needed to address Flooding, Water and Sewer Issues and reports estimate it will take over $250 Million to Rehabilitate their Infrastructure.

“It is very difficult to get a $250 Million Grant and for that reason we pursue the most Grants that we can get so we have more opportunities to maximize taxpayers’ dollars and support the Programs and Services that we provide our community,” added Sandoval.

The City Of Hallandale Beach Human Services Department has also received funding through the Children's Services Council, Broward County Community Development Block Grants and the Early Learning Coalition.

“These Grants collectively allow us to provide Aftercare Services, Summer Enrichment Programs, Spring Break Camps and all of them at very low or no cost to our residents," said Director of Human Services, Cora Daise. “Additionally, we were able to receive over $100 thousand to allow us to bring important services to seniors who are enrolled in the Hepburn Senior Center.”

For detailed information on all Grants secured through the current Fiscal Year, visit:

Investment Opportunities

The City Of Hallandale Beach has recently completed $417 Million in Commercial and Residential Development Projects with more in review, approved and in progress.

“We are currently seeing great challenges to find homes to rent or purchase,” said City of Hallandale Beach Department of Sustainable Development Director, Vanessa Leroy. “We are hoping to see that relief in the Market and provide more Housing Opportunities.”

The City is projecting a population increase of approximately eleven thousand residents in the next seven to ten years. An increase they’re also preparing for with Water, Sewer and other Infrastructure Improvement Projects.

“We made some changes in our Code a few years back that provided more entitlements to properties and we’re seeing some of these Developments come in to take advantage of them,” explained Leroy. “We’re attributing the increase in population to these entitlements.”

In addition to the completed projects, there are $135 Million Projects under review; $189 Million approved Projects not yet under construction and $856 Million Projects under construction. In total these represent a combined $1.6 Billion of Economic Activity in construction costs alone.

“We work closely with our residents on a Redevelopment Plan for the City to know where they would like to see Development go and that Planning is the result of a public-private partnership that has been amazing,” said City Of Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper. “They actually broke ground this year on Atlantic Village and really transformed our whole corridor to what the residents and the Commission envisioned so we’re really pleased to see the result of that planning and the increase in our Tax Base.”

The City is also required to secure a certain percentage of local vendors for these projects. “This requirement provides an opportunity for our local contractors to be employed and bring some of the funds back into the community,” added Leroy. “Based on the projects we’re seeing come in, I can tell you that The City of Hallandale Beach will be a beautiful place to live, work and play.”

For more information on development in the City of Hallandale Beach, visit:

About The City Of Hallandale Beach

The City Of Hallandale Beach is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the community in a fiscally responsible manner by providing superior services that meet the needs of our community as well as plan for their future needs through continued communication. For more information visit:

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