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MANAGEXCHANGE of South Florida: Real Estate, Property Management and Insurance Services

By Stephen Cummings

September 14, 2023

Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate according to Andrew Carnegie who was one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of all time. Though the process can be tedious and complex, MANAGEXCHANGE is a full-service Real Estate Management company conveniently located in Hallandale Beach where brothers Arturo and Jonathan O’Neill have decades of expertise as Property Managers and Real Estate Brokers responsible for 14 building associations and over 50 individual single or multi units.

With over 12 years of experience in the Hallandale Beach area, MANAGEXCHANGE has been providing Real Estate, property management and insurance services throughout South Florida. They specialize in the management of leased residential properties. MANAGEXCHANGE’s impressive portfolio includes some of South Florida’s premiere locations including Aventura, Brickell, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Miami Beach, and Sunny Isles Beach.

They offer the following services:
Property Evaluation – They will establish your property’s fair market value by reviewing the condition of your property, and recommending needed repairs

Property Marketing – They will handle all advertising and viewings of your property. Your property will be accessible to buying prospects as well as Realtors.

The O’Neill’s convey a simplistic business philosophy predicated upon respecting our owner’s time and understanding the needs of our tenants. MANAGEXCHANGE enjoys a reputation for superior customer service highly regarded by both property owners and tenants. Our friendly and exceptional approach and commitment sets us apart from other real estate providers.

Arturo holds the LCAM certification (Licensed Community Association Manager) necessitated for controlling and disbursing funds, assisting in noticing and conducting meetings, preparing budgets and financial documents and coordinating maintenance.

Jonathan is a Real Estate Broker as well as a property manager.

The price of homes and condominiums have skyrocketed over the past decade and in light of the fact that mortgage rates have spiraled, home prices have remained firm.

When the cycle of rising interest rates reverses and mortgage rates descend, real estate prices will continue to aggrandize.

One of the many services offered by MANAGEXCHANGE is your opportunity to own a home or condominium or multi-unit building and contract their service in finding and carefully scrutinizing a renter, collecting rent, taking care of any plumbing, electrical, painting or major appliance issue while you may reside in a different county or possibly another state.

Managers will carry out landlord’s instructions, control cost and maximize revenue to maintain a stabilized cash flow as a return on capital investment.

Our goal is to enhance the value of the property by making improvements that will increase its market value, tenant retention and enhance pride of ownership.

Jonathan explains that his company utilizes the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as well as websites like and attracting customers.

The O’Neill’s have established relationships with a wide variety of specialists that service the units that they manage.

Additionally, the firm offers competitive insurance rates for renters, flood, condominium, single family, general liability and protection for directors and officers of a home owners association. As one of their many courteous, comprehensive services, they seek out the top-rated insurance companies and structure coverage that will adequately protect their clientele with the most reasonable premiums.

Arturo has explained that the majority of their properties are located in North Dade and South Broward area with proximity to beautiful beaches and he is anxious to locate a property that fits your budget for your ownership or as a landlord role.

“We make the process seamless as we collect the rent, pay any HOA or maintenance fees and pay the balance to the property owner.”

In managing an association, any owners in violation of HOA rules, will receive written communication from our firm so corrections can be made.

The average fee for the services that are professionally rendered is 10% so the management company has an incentive to locate tenants who are responsible for easily making payments.

Most of the contracts are made for one year between the management company and the property owner, but the contract can be dissolved with a sixty-day notice if your plans change.

As in any relationship, trust and integrity are the most salient qualities and Arturo and Jonathan have received scores of rave reviews from their many satisfied clients.

On a personal note, Arturo O’Neill sold me my home in Plantation fifteen years ago after eleven months of a grueling search and his patience and expertise were uncompromising.

Feel free to contact them at 954-454-3757 or visit their office located at 900 North Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach, Suite #201.

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