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Find The Next Big Thing: The Alternative Products Expo Is Coming In March

February 24, 2022

The largest trade show event for alternative products is coming to Ft. Lauderdale March 11 -13! Discover the products and services revolutionizing traditional markets, at ALTPRO EXPO Ft. Lauderdale.

Many industry buyers discover products by seeing them in other stores or browsing through distributor catalogs, but who discovers the products in these catalogs in the first place?

Innovative buyers will tell you that the best place to find disruptive and unique products with the potential to become the next big thing is at trade shows. Brands like Redbull, Juul, and 5 Hour Energy were all discovered at these types of events before they went mainstream. The problem then lies in finding the right show to attend. Most trade shows tend to be industry-specific events, and so they only showcase specific types of products. This has made it difficult for buyers to choose which events to attend, never being able to find an event that manages to encompass multiple industries and types of products under one roof, that is, until now.

Alternative Products Expo has emerged as an upgrade of the nation’s largest CBD and Hemp event, USA CBD Expo, to incorporate new audiences, new markets and new buyers in the most innovative industry event.

The Alternative Products Expo - or ALTPRO Expo - was created with the idea of bringing together an assortment of industries (and the disruptive products & services within) under one roof. With this in mind, the organizers behind this show, ZJ Events, have consistently adjusted and evolved their scope to remain at the vanguard of industry trends. This evolution has meant reaching out to include thousands of business owners from all spectrums of the alternative product market.

The largest gathering of: hemp-derived products, semi-synthetic extracts (Delta8/10), functional beverages, non-psycho-active mushrooms, kratom & other botanicals, nicotine alternatives, nutraceuticals, and other new, disruptive, innovative, trending, and high-demand products/services.

A prime opportunity for: convenience stores, smoke shops, tobacco chains, health, wellness & sports centers, big-box retailers, and industry buyers.

“...our team has been working tirelessly to create a new kind of event where we could incorporate the wide plethora of products, services, and brands that make up the alternative product’s industry.” - said Jason Monti, Director of Sales at ZJ Events.

Join hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees who will gather in Ft. Lauderdale this upcoming March 11th to the 13th at The Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center to experience an industry event where alternative products will take the spotlight. Participate in expert talks on the new Delta 8 craze, medicinal mushrooms extracts, and many other subjects relating to alternative product developments (where it's going, trends, categories, etc).

To learn more about attending, exhibiting, sponsoring, or speaking at the ALTPRO Expo, visit, email, or call 631-777-3455. Booth design, travel, and accommodation assistance are all available via the website,

About the ALTPRO Expo
Alternative Products Expo x USA CBD Expo is a B2B and B2C networking event for disruptive industries such as hemp-derived products, semi-synthetic extracts, functional beverages, delta8, kratom, nic-otine alternatives, nutraceuticals, & more.

If you plan on attending the Alternative Products Expo you can take 25% off your ticket by visiting and entering promo code SUNTIMES or scan the QR code above to be directed to the site.

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