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Discover The Magic Of Boca Black Box: South Florida’s Most Unique Center For Arts

By Austin Torres

September 19, 2023

In the heart of Boca Raton, Florida lies an entertainment gem founded in August 2015. Presenting the Boca Black Box - a unique establishment brought to life by the visionaries Randy Singer, Larry Berfond, and Scott Levine. Positioned just a stone's throw away from Glades Road and the Turnpike, this theater is more than just a venue; it's a sensation.

Inspired by the aura of classic New York-style settings, Boca Black Box immerses you in an atmosphere that’s both intimate and grand. With its 275 well-positioned seats, you're guaranteed an unobstructed view of the stage. Looking for that extra touch of luxury? Opt for one of our six VIP Tables, which can host up to eight guests, promising an elevated theater experience.

Adjacent to this, discover Box 2.0 @ Boca Black Box. This little sister of the main theater, though smaller with its 72-seat capacity, guarantees an unforgettable experience. Its 'first come, first serve approach means every visit is a new adventure.

“We’re unusual in the fact that we have five different shows a week, and additional shows in the theater next to us, Boca 2.0,” said Berfond.

Indulge in meticulously crafted specialty cocktails, a wide selection of liquors, wines, and beers tailored to elevate your theater escapades. For the ones with an appetite beyond beverages, the vicinity boasts numerous restaurants offering gastronomic wonders perfect for a pre- or post-show treat.

And what's a theater without snacks? Delight in any one of several thoughtfully curated theater bites, promising to make your stay even more memorable.

As they embark on their ninth year, the calendar for Boca Black Box is more diverse than ever. According to Co-Founder Larry Berfond, Boca Black Box hosts five distinct shows a week, ranging from top Comedians to Chart-Topping Jazz Artists, Rock Legends, and Big Bands from Sirius Sinatra Radio, and more.

From side-splitting Comedy Shows to High-Energy Rock Concerts and even the riveting excitement of micro wrestling – there’s always something brewing at Boca Black Box. Dive into nostalgia with their monthly Motown Night, featuring original artists and tributes, like the upcoming Marvin Gaye Night. Or swing to the rhythms of the Frank Sinatra Orchestra, reassembled exclusively for their esteemed audience.

Through their relationship with Sirius Sinatra on Sirius Radio, Boca Black Box hosts a multitude of events for fans of Frank Sinatra. Among their major acts is Landau Eugene Murphy, a winner on America’s Got Talent.

"We pride ourselves on authenticity. No tracks, only live orchestras and bands. We believe in keeping the essence of performance alive," said Berfond.

Boca Black Box also has the ultimate Rod Stewart experience which includes Rod’s original drummer Carmine Appice, who co-wrote several of his hits including the 1978 classic, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Boca Black Box’s love for entertainment doesn’t end at their doorstep. “We’ve booked prestigious venues like the Aventura Cultural Center and The Coral Springs Center of the Arts. Plus, our theater in Port St. Lucie helps us bring this incredible talent to South Florida," said Berfond.

With the adjacent Boca 2.0, dual experiences are on offer. Imagine enjoying a rock concert in one room and a stand-up comedy in the next. Such is the versatility of Boca Black Box.

Tired of the discomfort of crowded clubs? The idea for Boca Black Box came about after the founding members were inspired to open a venue that would offer premium entertainment that wouldn’t be mired by the busy, uncomfortable, and fast-paced environment of typical Floridian clubs.

“We presented a place where any night of the week you can find something fun to do,” said Berfond. “It’s nothing like a disco or a club, and you already have your seat so you don’t have to worry about rushing there.”

And the cherry on top? Order your drinks via text without missing a beat of the performance. As you depart, embrace our gratitude with a free ticket to one of their shows, as a parting gift encouraging guests to return.

“Our favorite part about this business is being out and about and hearing people share memories of their experiences at Boca Black Box,” said Berfond.

So, if you haven’t experienced this jewel, it's high time you did. Dive into a world where top American talent meets intimacy, ensuring every seat gives you the best show in town. Come immerse yourself in the magic that is Boca Black Box. It’s not just a show; it's an experience.

“If you haven’t been to Boca Black Box you owe it to yourself to come discover a place where you can go to see some of America’s top talent in an intimate setting, where every seat is a good seat,” said Berfond.

For more information regarding Boca Black Box, you can visit their website at: - Or contact them by Phone at: (561) 483-9036. Or email at: Boca Black Box is located at 8221 Glades Road, Suite#: 10, Boca Raton, Florida 33434.

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