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Shaping the Future: The City of Hollywood's Comprehensive Plan Update

June 21, 2024

A comprehensive plan acts as a blueprint for the future, driving bold visions and long-term decision-making. These plans form the policy foundation for local planning and land use decisions, guiding municipalities in growth, development, and resource management. Since the last update, the City of Hollywood has seen significant growth and transformation. Population increases, economic shifts, technological advancements, and evolving community needs all necessitate an updated plan. State laws governing land use and planning have evolved. The updated plan will incorporate these changes, ensuring compliance with current legal requirements.

The updated comprehensive plan will guide the City's growth and development through 2050, addressing emerging trends and challenges such as climate change, technological innovation, and demographic shifts.

The updated plan will set clear strategic goals and initiatives in housing, transportation, economic development, environmental sustainability, and public services. These goals aim to promote equitable growth, enhance quality of life, and create opportunities for all residents.

Robust community engagement is essential. The City will continue to seek input from residents, businesses, and stakeholders through public meetings, workshops, and other methods to ensure the plan reflects diverse perspectives and aspirations.

Updating the City's comprehensive plan is crucial for shaping a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive future. The City is prepared to guide visionary growth and development through 2050. Active community engagement and a focus on strategic goals will make the plan a powerful tool for realizing our shared vision of a thriving City. Make plans to attend the Hollywood 2050 Project Launch & Public Workshop on Monday, June 24th from 6 to 8 p.m. at Boulevard Heights Community Center.

For more information on the Hollywood 2050 Comprehensive Plan, please visit: or connect via email at:

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