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Locally-owned pest control company combines technology and unparalleled customer service to tackle the most annoying pest problems

July 28, 2021

While most of us grill burgers, sip boat drinks by the pool, and twist umbrellas into the sand, two Hollywood profes-sionals are turning their attention to tackling your rodent and pest control issues with child and pet-safe, eco-friendly products, the latest technology, and 24-hour customer service to suit anyone’s needs.

With more than 35 years of pest control experience, Kevin Biederman has been taking care of Hollywood’s families and businesses with prompt service, attention to detail, and thorough follow-up. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because these same qualities are present in his role as Commissioner, where he has proudly served the citizens of Hollywood since 2012, focused on listening to the needs of residents and finding innovative solutions to community issues.

“I have lived in Hollywood for more than 35 years,” explains Kevin. “I and my family have grown within this community. I am thankful that I have been able to create a business here, and I know that, with continued commitment to our clients and a growing focus on technology and easier access to solutions, our services will always be valued within Hollywood and throughout South Florida.”

Seeing the need to create a better customer-focused service platform using innovative technology and modern applications, Kevin sought out the help of Moe Meyer. A fellow volunteer and colleague in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Moe was a wizard with technology and software development, having spent nearly ten years working with Apple. He brought industry knowledge and a modern approach to customer care that revolutionized how the business responds to customer needs.

“So many small businesses rely on outdated record-keeping and billing that they often get bogged down in paperwork, forgetting why they got into the business to begin with,” Moe shares. “Customer service falls short, and business owners have to close their doors as a result. We don’t want to be in a similar situation. We want to provide easy access to busy clients, so that we can work quickly to provide solutions for each of them.”

In 2019, the two formally created a partnership to service the pest control needs of all South Floridians. Since that time, they have digitized the business, moved away from paper records, and even provided an online portal for their customers to book appointments, track services, and make payments. These advances not only assist customers, but they also serve as a support system for pest control technicians, which further ensures consistently prompt and punctual service to all clients. The company, as a result, continues to expand, having recently completed their fourth acquisition in an effort to grow their reach within the community and provide unparalleled, regional pest control service.

Pest Pro Rid All sets itself apart from all other pest control companies with the implementation of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Other companies visit a home and simply administer recommended chemicals without truly assessing from where the issue originates. Kevin and Moe take a more serious approach to pest control needs. They believe in a comprehensive solution, which inc-ludes: inspecting all areas inside and outside of a home or business, identifying all areas of potential entry points, and creating a protective barrier both inside and around the property.

Pest Pro Rid All’s team is knowledgeable about where pests hide, their habits, and infestation patterns and will work diligently to create a custom plan for all your needs. Your home will be treated with the utmost care, and your team will provide you with details during each step of the process.

Pest Pro Rid All takes your safety and that of your children and pets very seriously. Kevin and Moe have taken the utmost care in developing pest control solutions using only the safest materials on the market. They pride themselves in providing solutions with products that are eco-friendly and less toxic than most common household products.

Pest Pro Rid All has treated over 75,000 homes, has won the 2020 Best of Hollywood award for outstanding services, and is the official pest control company of the Florida Panthers and the BB&T center. It’s commitment to the community is unrivaled by any pest control service, and their commitment to excellence is witnessed by each of their customers.

With Kevin and Moe combining truly unique pest control methods, modern technology, and compassion for the needs of their customers, Pest Pro Rid All will continue to be a powerful force in solving the pest control needs of the South Florida market. You will not find a more all-encompassing company to service your home or business.

So - Go put your umbrella in the sand, sip your drink, and toss a burger on the grill. Enjoy your summer, because whatever your pest control needs are - Pest Pro Rid All has you covered!

You can visit them at, or call them at 954-247-4087. They are available Monday – Friday, 9am-7pm & Saturday, 9am-3pm (closed Sunday). Other hours available upon request, and all calls will be answered within 24 hours.

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