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DAYAN & ASSOCIATES, PLLC.: Opens in Aventura Bringing Individualized Services to Clients

By Erika Cartwright

December 12, 2022

Life on a day-to-day basis can be complicated enough. We certainly do not need all the unnecessary stress, headache and additional problems caused by incorrect accounting. Simple mistakes happen easily, records being inaccurate or not having access to the most up-to-date tax benefits can be costly. This is especially true these days, when everything is changing at such a rapid pace, whether it be technology, financial markets or the political scene. It makes it difficult to stay up to date with the newest changes.

That’s why it is crucial to make sure you are in the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable, well-versed accountant with your best interests at heart. This is precisely the service and personalized approach that Dayan & Associates, PLLC. provides to the South Florida community. Dayan & Associates, PLLC. is a new CPA Firm, located in the heart of Aventura, Florida founded by Oren Dayan, CPA. in 2022.

The new firm intends to deliver a fresh approach to service, offering a combination of their experience, expertise, drive and passion. Dayan & Associates PLLC. intends to take care of their clients with A through Z service, providing the accounting skills for success and financial growth, where the client is priority. They are about providing maximum support, while alleviating all the unnecessary stress that is associated with bookkeeping and taxes. After all, no one likes receiving notices from the IRS or having to pay penalties.

The founder of Dayan & Associate, PLLC., Oren Dayan, has a well-versed educational and professional background in the Tax Industry.

Oren received a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts, majoring in Accounting & Information Systems, along with a minor in Economics from CUNY, Queens College in New York, where he made the Dean’s List and graduated Magna Cum-Laude. Oren continued his studies and successfully attained a Master’s in Science, majoring in Accounting & Information Systems, received the Graduate Distinguished Scholar Award, as well as graduating with Honors in Accounting & Information Systems.

As a Licensed Certified Public Accountant, Oren attained invaluable experience as a financial auditor in one of New York’s major accounting firms. After gaining hands-on experience as an auditor, he realized that more satisfaction was found in helping clients prepare accurate books/financial reports, while preparing the return with the most advantageous and beneficial tax results. Over the years, Oren has acquired crucial knowledge working with small and mid-sized firms, especially during the tough financial times of COVID-19. He helped struggling businesses secure the funding they needed to continue operations during the Pandemic, relieving their fear of having to close their doors.

Growing up, Oren spent his vacations in Aventura, Florida and therefore considers it his second home. In the early part of 2022, he decided to relocate his family to Aventura from Queens, New York. Oren has a broad ethnic background; a mosaic of Jewish, Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian roots, which, along with his Hebrew speaking abilities, make him a great asset to the local community.

One of his favorite things about Florida is its ethnic diversity, which he states, “Makes it beautiful and unique - something I grew up with in NY and feel that it is what makes these cities just so special. People here are great - just like New Yorkers, but a lot happier!”

With the belief that Florida has a strong place in the future of America, Oren made the decision to move his growing family to Aventura and invest in the community. Oren says, “There is no better place to raise a family than Florida, with the warmth of the people, the diverse culture, the opportunities and of course the amazing weather.” It had been a lifelong dream of his to open a business in Florida, “COVID-19 was a tough period in everyone’s lifetime, I’m glad I can see the silver lining that the Pandemic brought me to Florida,” Oren explains. “Living through, albeit at a young age, the Financial Crash Of 2008, COVID-19 and other times of economic hardship, people need to have a responsible and competent accountant for their business and personal finances, so they can sleep well at night, with the comfort of knowing that they are in good and capable hands.”

The professionals at Dayan & Associates, PLLC. provide a personalized plan which caters to the clients’ needs, while keeping their best interests in mind and achieving optimum results in all aspects of taxation and long-term financial planning. Dayan & Associates, PLLC. has the experience and expertise to ensure tax and financial needs are met at the very highest levels. The company provides an array of business services which include: Bookkeeping, Income, Payroll & Sales Tax, Financial Reports, SBA Loan Services, as well as Comprehensive Business/Tax Consulting for various scenarios. Additionally, they assist individuals with their personal tax preparation as well as any financial consulting. The customers’ needs always come first at Dayan & Associates, PLLC with caring, friendly and professional customer service, all done in a timly manner.

Free consultations are available by appointment. Call Dayan & Associates, PLLC.
at: (718) 702-9287. Or fax: (305) 570-4737. For more information, email: or visit their website: Let Dayan & Associates, PLLC. give you the peace of mind you deserve this coming tax season and the time to focus on more important things in your life.

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