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Become A Part Of The Aventura Zumba Community

May 15, 2024

The City of Aventura started offering Complimentary Zumba® Classes to Aventura residents of all ages. Participants must register prior to attending the class, and be ready to provide valid proof of Aventura residency to access the park on the day of class. Participants will spend their morning being in a positive mood, having fun, and enjoying aerobic movement and Latin dance with the help of a certified instructor.

During a Zumba® Class, you'll follow choreography with footwork that works your leg muscles, arm movements that tone your arm muscles and squats that can tighten your glute and core muscles. Whether you're new to the dance fitness world or have been taking different types of dance exercise classes for a while, you'll experience the post-workout feel from a Zumba® Class the next day, throughout your entire body.

No matter your fitness goals, whether they're losing weight, toning muscles or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a full-body workout can contribute to all of these goals and more. These workouts are versatile, and you can easily adapt them to your preferences and workout style. Zumba® Classes are a popular full-body workout because of the atmosphere of the class, and participants don't need any equipment to enjoy it — all you need is yourself and enough space to dance.

According to: these are the ten main benefits of Zumba®:

1. Complete a Full-Body Workout
Many exercise classes or types of workouts focus on certain parts of your body. Some workouts target your legs, back, arms, core and other areas of your body, but others provide a full-body workout that can help engage multiple muscles in your body. Zumba® is one of the exercise programs that can provide a full-body workout and a dance class.

2. Improve Your Coordination
Dancing requires some level of coordination to follow choreography and piece together the moves. Zumba® will help those looking to improve their coordination and give them a safe space to practice their dancing abilities. Similar to how you can train your Lungs to work harder and your muscles to become stronger, you can train your body to become more coordinated through repetition. Zumba® is one of the best classes to work on improving your coordination. Including regular exercise into your routine, like Zumba® Classes, can help you maintain your physical abilities and coordination as you get older and prevent injuries from falls.

3. Enjoy Aerobic Exercise Benefits
Zumba® is an upbeat and lively dance fitness class that will make you sweat with a smile on your face — you'll be having so much fun that you'll almost forget you're accomplishing an intense cardio-style workout. Implementing aerobic exercise in your workout schedule is an essential part of improving your overall health. This type of exercise describes any high or low-intensity cardio workout. It'll increase your heart rate and the amount of oxygen your body is using during your workout, helping you exercise your heart and lungs, which positively impacts your cardiovascular system. Specifically, aerobic exercise can improve your heart health by lowering your Blood Pressure, lowering your resting heart rate and reducing your chances of Heart Disease. Completing an aerobic workout is also beneficial for your Lungs. It trains your lungs to work more efficiently as you breathe hard and absorb more oxygen. Even parts of the body like the skin can benefit from Zumba® and other forms of aerobic exercise. When you raise your Heart Rate and enhance Blood Circulation, your body can deliver Oxygen and other nutrients to your skin, which helps make it healthier.

4. Assist Your Metabolism
Zumba® Classes, and any other type of cardio workout, may help give your metabolism a boost. If you're someone looking to lose weight or improve your overall health, you may be curious about finding ways to improve your body's metabolic rate. A person's metabolism will vary depending on various factors and may change as they age. Keep in mind that you can't really "increase" your metabolism — and trying to do so won't help you lose weight. However, you can assist your metabolism by burning more calories than you take in, and Zumba® is a wonderful way to do just that. All levels of Zumba® can impact your metabolism.

5. Torch Calories
A top benefit that encourages many people to work out is the number of calories they burn. Zumba® Classes are a great workout if you have a weight loss goal and want to burn a lot of calories. Zumba®, like other aerobic workouts, requires plenty of energy to keep up with all the choreography and upbeat rhythms. Zumba® is all about movement. During a class, you'll shake your hips, move your feet, sway your arms and complete other types of dance moves that will keep your body moving. The tempo changes and intensity variation throughout the class make Zumba® one of the best workout choices to maximize fat burning and torch calories.

6. Boost Your Mood
Whether it's been a rough day, you're stressed or you just need a morning pick-me-up, Zumba® is the perfect mood booster. Zumba® can benefit many aspects of Mental Health. The combination of exercise and dance causes your brain to release Endorphins like Serotonin, making you happier. In general, exercise can also help alleviate any built-up Stress, anger or Anxiety that needs an outlet to escape.

7. Meet Other Zumba® Lovers
Zumba® offers plenty of social benefits that can enhance your overall health. Having friends who like the same things you do is a big part of friendship. A fun aspect of participating in local Zumba® Classes is socializing with other people and creating new friendships. Zumba® is a social group fitness class, especially if you take classes regularly at your local fitness center, dance studio or other location. Zumba® Classes are a great way to make new friends if you spend a lot of time at work, are busy with kids or have other obligations in your life that hinder your time to socialize with others.

8. Exercise at Home
While some people love to work out at the gym, others like to exercise from the comfort of their homes. A major perk of Zumba® Classes is you can participate almost anywhere — virtual Zumba® Classes are a wonderful option for people who want to stay home and work out or don't have time to make it to the gym. Zumba® Workouts are possible at home or at any location as long as you have enough space to move around and an internet connection.

10. Feel Like You're Part of a Community
One of the best parts about Zumba® is its inclusivity to all levels of fitness. Zumba® Classes are open and available to those of nearly all abilities. No matter your age or skill level, you can find a class that works perfectly for your health goals. Zumba® Classes are a safe space for all fitness levels, and the instructors are ready to welcome you into their motivating and supportive community.

Classes are held on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at Veterans Park: 18375 Northeast 31st Avenue, Aventura, Florida 33180. Please plan to be in class for approximately one hour. Students must bring their own refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.

So join your friends and neighbors in your community and register for the next class at:

For more information, call: (305) 466-0183.

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