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Be Water Smart: Tips To Ensure A Safe Summer

July 20, 2023

Florida leads the country in Drowning Deaths of Children ages 1–4, and it can happen in the very few minutes it takes to answer a phone call or run inside for a quick task. To reduce the Risk of Drowning, use Multiple Layers of Protection when around a Swimming Pool, Bathtub, Lake or Ocean. To learn more, visit:

"Dry Drowning" can occur after a person is submerged or inhales Water through the Nose or Mouth, causing a Spasm in the Airway and Difficulty Breathing. Dry Drowning can occur less than one hour after inhaling Water. If a person is rescued from a "near" Drowning, and they continue to Cough or have Difficulty Breathing, Call 9-1-1- and seek Medical Attention Immediately!

Steps you can take for a Safe Summer around Water:

• Supervision: Always watch kids closely when they’re in or near the Water.

• Have a dedicated watcher: When gathering in large groups, assign one adult to watch one or two specific children, so someone is always looking out for kids.

• Choose the right location to Swim: Swim near a Lifeguard. If you’re Swimming in areas without a Lifeguard, don’t do so alone. Make sure someone knows where you are and is keeping an eye out.

• Install Perimeter Protection: Install Fences and Gates around Pools.

• Pay attention to Safety Warnings. If a Beach or Pool has “No Swimming!” signs, take that seriously, even if things look safe. There’s usually a good reason why you shouldn’t take a dip.

Additional Resources:

• Check out Learn To Swim Options available in Hollywood and find Coupons for Reduced Rates for Kids’ Swim Lessons.

• Visit: for more information.

Stay Safe From The Heat
As we continue to deal with Extreme Heat, it’s important to remember to Practice Heat Safety wherever you are.

• Job Sites – stay Hydrated and take breaks in the shade as often as possible
• Indoors – check up on the Elderly, Sick and those without air conditioning
• Vehicles – Never leave kids or pets unattended. LOOK before you LOCK.
• Outdoors – Limit Strenuous Outdoor Activities, find shade and stay Hydrated

Anyone overcome by Heat should be moved to a COOL and shaded location! Heat Stroke IS an Emergency! Call 911!! Find out more at:

The City of Hollywood Department of Public Utilities' Annual Water Line Flushing begins this Saturday, July 22nd, 2023. This Program helps rid the Water Distribution Pipelines of any Accumulated Sediments. The water remains Safe to drink during this Required Process. For more information, visit:

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