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Attention Seniors Try Kosher Senior Night

December 23, 2021

A Great new program encourages senior citizens to eat out at restaurants on the last Monday of every month and enjoy delicious kosher food with their friends! At a time when the prices of food are soaring, many restaurant owners in South Florida have a soft spot for senior citizens and are offering steep discounts (up to 20% off) to encourage the elderly to get out and enjoy themselves.

The program is called Kosher Senior Night and, as the name suggests, it has an additional goal to allow those seniors that miss eating Kosher, to enjoy kosher at least once a month. Those that are still too nervous to eat out, can do takeout at some of the participating restaurants as well. There is also an option to order a subsidized Catered Meal that can be picked up from our headquarters in North Miami Beach or delivered.

Please tell you senior friends about this program. All seniors can join Kosher Senior Night, by ordering at one of our participating locations on December 27th and January 31st and you will be entered in our bi-monthly raffle to win free lunch/dinner for 2, at local kosher establishments.

Some local restaurants that are offering the once-a-month discounts are: Saras Kosher Restaurant (10% off), HBK Burger (15% off Takeout only), Vish of Hollywood (20% off Eat-in only), Yum Berry Café & Sushi Bar ((10% off), Milanos Kosher Restaurant (20% off Eat-in only), Bubbys Fish N’ Chips (20% off Eat-in only from 1-7pm), Bravo Pizza (20% off Eat-in only), S Florida Kosher Meats (10% off everything excluding wine), Backyard Bbq (20% off Eat-in Only), The Harbour Grill (15% Take-out only), Bagel Time Café (20% off orders more than $10 only), Pita Loca (15% off from 12-4pm), Lenny’s Pizza (15% off from 11-3pm, no discount on specials), Holy Bagel & Pizzeria (20% off orders more than $10 only), and more. Full list with details is available visit our website listed below.

This program is sponsored by United Jewish Generations to apply visit our Website at: Or For more info, call us at (305) 770-4540. The United Jewish Generations is a Chabad organization for senior citizens.

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