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Singing The Soundtrack of Her Life: American Idol Alum Kimberley Locke Premieres Autobiographical One-Woman Show

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

February 16, 2023

On February 25, 2023 at 8:00 pm, Aventura Arts & Cultural Center audiences will be enchanted by the robust vocal prowess of singer-songwriter Kimberley Locke, the front-running American Idol alum and recording artist who many of her loyal fans consider as entertainment’s quintessential “8th World Wonder.”

After gracing the Aventura mainstage a decade ago, Locke will return to the Center to premiere her critically-acclaimed one-woman show, “The Sum of All Parts.” Through selections of storytelling and songs, the performance will chronicle various moments of her life and reveal her introduction to some of her favorite luminaries including Nina Simone, Judy Garland, and Etta James. The musical production will be arranged with a live, 12-person orchestra and staged in an intimate manner reflective of her desire to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

“The one-woman show is something that I always wanted to do and I finally developed the confidence to do it,” said Locke. “Once I decided to tell my story, I wrote the show with a close friend of mine with the purpose of diving beneath the surface in terms of a story to share information about myself personally, and not just musically. You’ll surely learn something about Kimberley Locke once you leave the performance, which is the goal.”

“The Sum of All Parts” was first conceptualized and performed by Locke in front of a sold-out New York City audience in February 2020– one month before the world’s stage changed forever and theaters went dark due to the pandemic. After headlining Norwegian Cruise Line’s seabound version of the Tony Award-nominated musical “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical,” Locke is energized and prepared to bask in the spotlight once again. “I want people to be curious about who I am as a person, which will explain who I am as a singer,” she said.

Locke views the timing of her premiere during Black History Month as ideal in not only sharing her own story, but also amplifying the voices of significant Black women in hopes of introducing the Aventura audience to new and different perspectives. “My show presents an opportunity to spotlight some important Black women in music who found it crucial to use their voices to tell their stories, and how they were able to move people and penetrate different social issues during their time,” she said. “I’m honored to be on stage to tell these stories while I tell my own story, which creates a richer experience for everyone.”

Through her display of vulnerability beyond the bright lights, Locke hopes that her one-woman show will inspire audiences to tap into their inner abilities to heal certain aspects of their own lives. “Over the years, I’ve learned that by sharing, we not only heal ourselves, but it helps other people heal as well. Being more vulnerable in 2023 is something I wish to do, both mentally and emotionally, to open the book of my life for people to read.”

Locke anticipates an incomparable exchange of energy between herself and her show’s attendees. “There’s something magical about being aligned and in tune with a live orchestra, and I can’t wait to bring the experience to Aventura,” she said. “When people come to my show, I want to tell a story as a person while the audience receives the joy of my gift.”

Tickets for “The Sum of All Parts” can be purchased at Ticketmaster, or from the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center box office. Additional event details, such as the availability of VIP and premium packages, can be found here. For more information on Kimberley Locke’s premiere, please visit

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