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No More Bread In Downtown Hollywood: Demolition Work Begins, On The Abandoned Hollywood Bread Building

August 26, 2021

Once a landmark, the vacant Bread Building, has fallen into disrepair, over several decades and has become an eyesore, for the community

Nearly a month after acquiring the Hollywood Bread Building in Downtown Hollywood, BTI Partners, started to demolish the 52-year-old structure, on Friday, August 13th, 2021. The demolition of the long-neglected property, will give way to a 3.24-acre development site at 1727-1745 Van Buren Street, 1700-1716 Harrison Street and 1740-1760 South Young Circle. Demolition and site clearing, is expected to take, three to four months.

Fort Lauderdale-Based BTI Partners and Equity Partner, Bridge Investment Group, will replace, the neglected office tower with 362 market-rate apartments and about 16,000 square feet, of retail space on Young Circle. Construction of the mixed-use project, is planned to commence, later this year.

Once a landmark, the vacant Bread Building, has fallen into disrepair, over several decades and has become an eyesore, for the community. The controlled demolition, is an important step, in the revitalization of the west end of Downtown Hollywood, anchored by the 10-acre ArtsPark at Young Circle.

“When the Hollywood Bread Building was built in the late 1960s, it defined our City’s skyline,” said Hollywood City Mayor Josh Levy. “Today, we turn a page and begin a new chapter, in the history of Downtown Hollywood. This new, mixed-use development will further redefine Hollywood’s urban living, as more residents, are choosing to live, work and play, in Hollywood’s urban core. We are grateful to BTI Partners, for believing in our City and ensuring its development, was aligned with the community’s vision, for Young Circle and the City, as a whole. We are also excited that BTI Partners, will be preserving the Hollywood Bread Building signage, that has given downtown Hollywood, an identity, for so many years.”

BTI Partners, a leading developer of master planned communities and luxury residential properties across Florida and Bridge, which spearheads purpose-driven, quality investments, throughout the country, have acquired the building, for $11 Million, on Thursday, June 24th, 2021.

“The building demolition, is an important milestone, in the future redevelopment of a new, revitalized, Downtown Hollywood,” said BTI Partners CEO, Noah Breakstone. “We have come this far, thanks to the support we have received, from our neighbors, from Hollywood community leaders and elected officials. We look forward, to starting construction soon and further reactivating, Young Circle. Our development, will inject new life, into an area with the beauty of ArtsPark, access to amazing beaches and proximity, to South Florida’s largest employment hubs.”

This project, is part of BTI Partners’ larger effort, to continue the re-imagination and revitalization of Downtown Hollywood. The developer, is also in the planning and approval stages, to replace a rundown strip mall, a few steps away from the Bread Building with twin modern towers, on the east side of Young Circle. The project will include residential living, shops, restaurants, office space and a skywalk, connecting the two towers. Both projects together, will represent, a direct investment, of over $500 Million, in Hollywood's Young Circle neighborhood.

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