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Next Years Holiday Playlist Is Here: Enjoy Some New Releases & Long Time Classics Before The Holiday Season Is Over

December 28, 2023

Christmas may be over but in the spirit of the season, it's a good time to introduce you to some new music we believe you will enjoy. Music experts have curated a selection of existing and new tracks that will make a great addition to your holiday playlists and provide a fresh listening experience. So before the New Years countdown begins and you are still in the Holiday Spirit start making your playlist for next year with these new releases & long time classics.

Grammy-Award Honoree, Songwriters Hall of Fame Member and BBC Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Don McLean has released his latest Christmas Album, Christmas Memories: Remixed & Remastered. Full of Christmas Classics and all-time favorite holiday standards, McLean offers a unique spin like never before. The Album, which boasts twelve tracks, was released and distributed by BFD/Orchard with McLean’s versions of “Blue Christmas,” “Let It Snow,” “Silent Night,” “The Burgundian Carol,” “White Christmas” and more! Autographed copies of Christmas Memories: Remixed & Remastered are available on Vinyl and CD at:

Lacy J. Dalton is known for her willingness to help others, whether teaching songwriting to prisoners, saving wild horses throughout the West, or simply rescuing a dog that has become the subject of her holiday favorite, “Carl The Christmas Dog.” The song and video are based on a true story, however, much like the movies, it's not meant to be a literal portrayal and tussles the story with exaggerated humor. Carl did eat the tree, presents, and a bunch of other things, but he did not eat the cat!! To hear “Carl The Christmas Dog,” visit:

Makenzie Phipps’ Christmas Single, "Christmas Snow," eloquently conveys the transformative power of Christmas, making moments with those dear to you exceptionally meaningful and evoking the enchantment of falling in love during the holiday season. This acoustic interpretation of "Christmas Snow" not only showcases Makenzie's vocal prowess but also allows the heartwarming message of the song to be fully appreciated. To hear “Christmas Snow,” visit:

The Oak Ridge Boys are synonymous with the Christmas Season, enchanting audiences year after year with a treasure trove of Christmas Albums that showcase their timeless hits, beloved holiday classics, and their most recent festive offering, "Down Home Christmas." Produced by the acclaimed Dave Cobb, this latest Christmas Album is a testament to the enduring appeal and creativity of The Oak Ridge Boys. With each track, the group weaves a tapestry of holiday magic, blending their signature harmonies with the warmth of classic Christmas Melodies. From perennial favorites to original compositions, "Down Home Christmas" promises a delightful and immersive journey through the yuletide spirit, affirming The Oak Ridge Boys' enduring legacy as holiday music icons. To hear ‘Down Home Christmas,’ visit:

Will Wesley unveiled his latest holiday offering with the release of the Christmas single, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," perfectly timed for the festive season. This rendition of Brenda Lee's timeless classic showcases Wesley's musical prowess and innovative approach. The track not only pays homage to the original recording but also introduces a distinctive flair that sets it apart. With influences reminiscent of The Tractors, Vince Vance & The Valiants, and more, Wesley infuses the traditional holiday tune with his signature blend of Country Rock, creating a spirited and refreshing take on a beloved classic. His rendition captures the essence of the season with a vibrant energy that is both nostalgic and invigorating, promising listeners a unique and memorable holiday musical experience. To hear “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” visit:

T.G. Sheppard and Singer-Songwriter and Author Kelly Lang released their new holiday single, "Christmas Without You" this year! This track, a holiday favorite among Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers enthusiasts, has cemented its place as a seasonal classic. The collaboration between Sheppard & Lang brings a distinctive touch that only they could deliver. "Christmas Without You" encompasses the emotions of love and yearning during the festive season through its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. While paying homage to the traditional country sound, the song also introduces a fresh perspective, making it a must-listen for both long-time fans and those new to Sheppard and Lang's music. To hear “Christmas Without You,” visit:

Two-Time CMA and ACM Female Vocalist of the Year Janie Fricke proves that there is no place like home for the holidays with the release of her first-ever Christmas album, ‘A Cowgirl Country Christmas.’ Fricke’s voice has been a staple in country music for decades and now fans across the globe can add this album to their holiday favorites. Singles that evoke visions of Sugar Plums and snow such as, “Winter Wonderland,” “Jingle Bells,” and “The Christmas Song,” will be featured on the album along with the original single, “The Followers” written by Fricke and Jeff Steele. 'A Cowgirl Country Christmas' is now available exclusively at: - Or:

Paige King Johnson recently unveiled the acoustic video for her latest Christmas Single, "Santa Train," adding an extra layer of charm to the bluegrass classic. In this soulful rendition, Johnson's dynamic performance creates a vivid portrayal of small-town America during the Christmas season. Through her powerful delivery, she skillfully captures the essence of the festivities, infusing them with a palpable sense of excitement and joy unique to this time of year. The acoustic setting adds an intimate touch to the musical experience, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the warmth and nostalgia of the holiday spirit as Paige King Johnson brings a fresh and spirited energy to the cherished Christmas song. To hear Santa Train, visit:

Lee Greenwood, renowned for his timeless voice, delivered a festive treat with his Album 'Christmas To Christmas,' which features a captivating collection of ten Christmas classics. Recorded in 1985, Greenwood's rendition of these beloved tunes includes the jubilant "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" and the title track "Christmas To Christmas." The Album showcases Greenwood's versatility with tracks like "When The Rain Turns To Snow" and the heartwarming "Tennessee Christmas." From the nostalgic "I'll Be Home For Christmas" to the regional charm of "Lone Star Christmas," Greenwood's heartfelt performances infuse each song with a unique warmth. The album culminates in a musical celebration with iconic tracks like "The Greatest Gift," the sentimentally charged "Bring Christmas Home," the soulful renditions of "The Christmas Song" and "Oh Holy Night." Lee Greenwood's "Christmas To Christmas" promises to be a cherished addition to festive playlists, offering a timeless journey through the magic of the holiday season. Visit:

Crystal Gayle’s ‘A Crystal Christmas’ is a timeless holiday offering with eleven Christmas Classics that encapsulate the magic of the season. From the wintry charm of "Winter Wonderland" to the joyful medley of "The Christmas Song/Jingle Bells," Gayle's renditions bring the highest level of elegance to each track. Her emotive delivery shines through in holiday favorites like "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," the serene "Silent Night" and the rhythmic allure of "Little Drummer Boy." Gayle's performance of sacred hymns like "Oh Holy Night" and the iconic "White Christmas" adds a soul-stirring dimension to the festive collection. As she navigates through the sentimental "I'll Be Home For Christmas," the enchanting "Silver Bells" and the whimsical charm of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," Crystal Gayle's Christmas classics promise to be a cherished soundtrack, capturing the spirit of joy, reflection, and celebration during the holiday season. Visit:

Rhonda Vincent's enchanting holiday album, 'Christmas Time,' remains a perennial go-to favorite during the festive season. This star-studded masterpiece boasts an array of collaborations that elevate the yuletide experience, featuring iconic artists such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, The Oak Ridge Boys, Ronnie Milsap, Lorrie Morgan, and more. Within this musical tapestry, timeless classics like: "Silent Night," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," and the titular track, "Christmas Time," come to life with a unique blend of the artists' distinctive styles. The Album, adorned with the brilliance of Vincent's musical prowess and the collective talent of these celebrated collaborators, stands as a remarkable celebration of the holiday spirit, offering a rich and diverse musical experience for listeners to cherish throughout the Christmas season and beyond. To hear ‘Christmas Time,” visit:

May the Spirit of the Holiday's continue to fill your life with joy and may you have a Happy & Safe New Year 2024!

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