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Meet Flat Fee Legal Service: Guiding You Through Your Projects From Conception to Completion

October 6, 2021

During Hurricane season, it is especially important to know what your home insurance policy covers in the event that your home is damaged. Local property damage attorney, Jesse O’Hara and his stellar team of professionals at Flat Fee Legal Service are offering free insurance policy reviews and property inspections to ensure you and your family are protected this season.

“We are offering free consultations with expert attorneys to review the insurance policies of clients and inform them of what type of coverage they have before the next storm hits us,” says O’Hara.

O’Hara, who has handled thousands of property damage claims, has dedicated his legal career to taking on Florida’s insurance companies to ensure that property damage victims are paid what they are rightfully owed on their claims. In most cases, Flat Fee Legal Service provides legal services free of charge to homeowners - as opposed to most other law firms that charge their own clients.

“We represent homeowners against their insurance companies in property damage disputes whenever their claims are denied or underpaid. We pay all the upfront costs and are only paid when the homeowner gets paid. The homeowner keeps their portion of the settlement proceeds and we are almost always compensated by the insurance companies, not the homeowner,” says O’Hara.

If you are the victim of property damage, whether it may be hurricane, flood, windstorm, water or fire-related, the associates at Flat Fee Legal Service will come to you, review your policy and your property damage to provide a free opinion on whether your property is covered and whether you have a valid insurance claim.

Quite often, when a homeowner is the victim of property damage such as a pipe leak, for example, they might hire a plumber and pay them an enormous fee to have it fixed and then submit the bill to their insurance company in hopes of being reimbursed. However, the professional team at Flat Fee Legal Service assists homeowners by working with companies that do not charge the homeowner. Instead, such companies do the work and negotiate directly with the insurance company for their payment. This is a way that we help homeowners fix their homes without going out of pocket or paying legal fees. These companies bill the insurance companies directly instead of taking up-front payment from homeowners.

With a strong reputation in trial courts and long-standing relationships with insurance companies, O’Hara and his associates take great pride in assisting clients and ensuring they are paid fairly. Simply put, Flat Fee Legal Service keeps the roof over your head when insurance companies refuse to help.

“It’s very rewarding when a court recognizes that your client is right and deserves to have their home fixed. The biggest satisfaction is when we settle their case and hand them their check - they are finally happy they can get their lives back on track. We get a thrill from winning substantial victories on behalf of our clients.”

The team at Flat Fee Legal Service is highly engaged with their clients. They pride themselves in being easy to reach and communicate with throughout the entire claims process, which separates them from other larger, less personal firms.

“What distinguishes us from a larger firm is that the clients have more one on one attention.”

If you are a victim of property damage and are in need of assistance, you can rest assured knowing that the associates at Flat Fee Legal Service will go above and beyond to ensure you are properly compensated by assisting you from the very beginning of your claim all the way until your case is settled.

Another aspect that underscores the uniqueness of the Flat Fee Legal Service team is their work culture and accommodating environment. Visitors of their office will note the modern art, highly relaxing, inviting and comforting layout of their office.

The firm's staff understand how stressful it is to battle your insurance company while your home is in a state of disrepair. By creating a different atmosphere that stands in stark contrast to typical law firms, they foster a welcoming space for visitors that is both brighter and more laid back. In doing this, Flat Fee Legal Service fosters an environment that is more welcoming than other law firms. This ensures that employees and clients alike can communicate and forge beneficial relationships in a healthy and happy space.

O’Hara and his team of professionals understand that it is always possible to go above and beyond to assist their clients. Another way in which they hope to achieve this is by educating homeowners through the Florida Property Damage Podcast – a radio-style show that O’Hara hosts and is currently in development.

With the goal of interviewing common players in the industry such as public adjusters, water mitigation companies, mold testing companies, attorneys and insurance adjusters, they hope to familiarize the general public with how the intricate insurance claims process really works.

Licensed and recognized by Florida’s Supreme Court for his remarkable work in the community, O’Hara and his team hope to continue educating homeowners and helping them get paid money they are rightfully owed.

Flat Fee Legal Service: is located at 1700 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite #102, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. If you are interested in a free consultation, free policy review, or free property damage inspection you can contact them at: (954) 361-7878 Or visit their website at:

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