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Harold Solomon Will Navigate You Through The Quandaries of Medicare


May 15, 2021

Harold Solomon, principal of The Solomon Insurance Group in Fort Lauderdale, is the founder of The Medicare Enrollment Center, a specialty service that guides seniors through the confusion of making healthcare decisions with Medicare.

Harold Solomon says, “When it comes to making decisions about health insurance when you are 65 or older, don’t worry. We are here to help.”

Harold Solomon, principal of The Solomon Insurance Group in Fort Lauderdale, is the founder of The Medicare Enrollment Center, a specialty service that guides seniors through the confusion of making healthcare decisions with Medicare.

Having always been in service industries, Solomon says he began to hear horror stories about decisions involved with making Medicare choices and the limited, sometimes discourteous, assistance from Medicare 800 numbers. That’s when he decided this was a population he would like to help.

“When the average person is about to turn 65, he or she begins to research how to enroll in the Medicare program,“ says Solomon. “That’s where the confusion begins as the person is confronted with a myriad of plans and options that require reviewing, comparing and deciding which plan is the best for them.”

So, they call a Medicare 800 number. They reach a voice who does not know anything about them, nor their current medical situation or future needs. Likewise, the caller does not know who that person is and probably would have difficulty finding that same individual again. Aside from that, there is no likely follow-up to the caller from the insurance side, even after enrollment.

Thinking as to how Harold could help others, he developed a process to accomplish his mission:

1) LISTEN -The first important thing is to listen. Harold asks questions to determine the kind of Medicare health coverage, will meet the client needs.

2) EXPLAIN – Carefully explain all of the best options for each individual.

3) ENROLL - Once decided on the best of the options, Harold explains the enrollment process and enrolls his client, simplifying this burdensome process.

Once you become a client, Harold Solomon and his team will stay with you. He will always be available for your questions and will periodically check in with you. He will keep you abreast of any modifications, new benefits or planned policy or premium changes and will work in your best interest at all times. In other words, he and his team will always act proactively on your behalf.

Harold Solomon is well-qualified to do this. He is a licensed Medicare specialist. That means he has taken a series of programs and examinations that each require their own certification until the agent can proceed to the next step. It begins with exams for state licensure to sell health insurance. The next step is to pass two state-mandated courses (Preventing Medicare Fraud and General Compliance with Fraud,Waste & Abuse), in order to be certified by AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans). Then the agent must get certified in Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance. Following that, the agent must contract with a Medicare wholesaler, and follow further by contracting with multiple other Medicare companies. And, it does not stop there, since certifications must be renewed every year with updated courses.

Harold Solomon is licensed in 36 states throughout the country and because Medicare often differs from state to state, sometimes even from county to county, The Solomon Insurance Group has a host of carefully chosen agents in those states to deliver the same personalized service.

Mr. Solomon is available to meet with social, condo or business groups to explain the latest options, including the various Medicare supplemental programs that can provide 100% healthcare coverage for the rest of a client’s life.

The team at the Solomon Insurance Group will listen to you and provide a health insurance evaluation at no cost. They will review all coverage options available in your area, across all 50 states. A variety of plan options exist for every health care need and it takes someone with total understanding of them to recommend what will be best for you.

“My goal is to make Medicare simple and easy to understand,” says Solomon, “and to help our clients make the best choice for their health coverage.”

Harold says the the most frequently asked questions are:

• Should I get Medicare supplemental
• 100% coverage or an Advantage Plan?
• How do I know what coverage is best for me?
• Does Medicare cover Long Term Care?
• Does Medicare cover dental, vision and hearing?
• What if I have a family history of cancer,
• heart attack or stroke?
• Does Medicare cover final life expenses?
• Can I get home care as I get older?
• Will it cover extensive cancer treatments?
• What if I get disabled? What does Medicare cover?
• Who can I trust to guide me as I begin to
• lose my decision capabilities?

Harold Solomon acts in a fiduciary capacity. That means he is bound ethically to act in your best interests. You will know you have the best coverage, at the best price. We want our Medicare clients to enjoy life, not worry about their Medicare health coverage.

In addition to Medicare supplemental insurance and Medicare Advantage plans, the Solomon Insurance Group can offer further protection plans that include Hospital indemnity Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, Heart Attack & Stroke Coverage, Dental, Vision & Hearing Benefit Plans, Cancer Lump Sum Benefits, and Final expense coverage.

The Solomon Insurance Group is highly recommended by All Star Public Adjusters.

The Solomon Insurance Group
3063 Red Mangrove Lane
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33312

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