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Bring Back The Love: Mother-Daughter Duo Shares Steps That Repaired Their Fractured Relationship

April 4, 2024

This first, most important bond, the mother-daughter relationship, can be fraught with pitfalls and devastating ups and downs — the seeds for which may have been planted generations ago. Sometimes, it can seem like the conflicts have no end, leaving the mother or daughter exhausted, exasperated and sad for all that has been lost. If this sounds familiar, have no fear; help is at hand.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship Makeover: 4 Steps to Bring Back the Love, written by Bestselling Author Leslie Glass and her daughter, Award-Winning Documentarian Lindsey Glass, is a guide to help readers repair the fractures in their mother-daughter relationships. Through sharing their own compelling, tumultuous history, Leslie and Lindsey help readers understand that even if mothers and daughters go off track, go to war and part ways for years, they can still find their way back to friendship, understanding and love.

“When mothers and daughters don't communicate in loving ways, misunderstandings lead to heartbreak. At the end of the day we all just want to love and be loved,” explains Leslie.

Lindsey adds, "It wasn't until I wrote this book that I fully understood my mom's experience as a woman and a parent. Writing brought a new level of compassion and healing to our relationship.”

Leslie and Lindsey have lived through their own traumas and devastating ups and downs in their relationship. They’ve turned their experiences into a successful platform for helping others and share them here in this book. They use their own tumultuous story, told from their respective points of view, to help mothers and daughters understand that even if you go off track, go to war, part ways for years, you can still find your way back to friendship, understanding, and love. For the first time, Leslie and Lindsey will share their secret sauce for healing, broken down into four steps:

• Revealing one’s backstory
• Exploring emotional and personality styles
• Understanding conflicts and triggers
• Learning the tools to restore the love

By following these steps, readers can repair their fractured relationships, keep them strong and discover a positive pathway to peace — no matter how far apart they feel they are.

Dr. Deborah Sweet, Psychologist and Trauma Specialist had this to say: “I have never seen a book quite like this. Reading the perspectives of both mother and daughter was a unique experience. When we are ‘in it,’ it is hard to see past our pain. Leslie and Lindsey widened the lens on mother-daughter relationships so we could see not only the complexity of the problems, but also the journey to repair them. This makeover is a great book on making up with excellent exercises and thought-provoking writing prompts. For best results, I recommend both mother and daughter read it simultaneously and see what happens!”

Leslie Glass
Leslie Glass, with her daughter Lindsey, is Editor of the popular Online Recovery and Wellness Magazine Reach Out Recovery. Together they produced the 2016 ASAM Media Award Winning Documentary, The Secret World of Recovery and the WEDU/PBS special The Silent Majority. Leslie Glass is a Journalist and the Author of twelve novels including nine USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Suspense Novels featuring NYPD Det. Sgt. April Woo. She is the Author of The Teen Guide to Health, and recovery workbooks Find Your True Colors in 12 Steps and the children's coloring book, The 8 C's that Help Me Be All Right. Leslie has worked in Advertising, Publishing, and Magazines and has served as a Public Member of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, a trustee of The New York Police Foundation, Vice President of the Asolo Repertory Theatre. She is a Member of Rotary International and a Recovery, Teen Mental Health, and Family Wellness Advocate. She lives in Sarasota, Florida.

Lindsey Glass
Lindsey Glass grew up in New York City and received her B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and her M.A. from New York University. She is an Author, Screenwriter, and Cofounder of Reach Out Recovery where her articles about relationships and recovery reach millions of readers worldwide. Lindsey has written Screenplays, TV Shows and Co-Produced Award-Winning Documentaries, including The Secret World of Recovery and The Silent Majority, which premiered on PBS in 2014. Lindsey has worked in Publishing and Communications and served as a Recovery Advocate for twenty years from testifying in Congress to teaching her 2019 self-help book, 100 Tips for Growing Up, to Recovery and Gang Reentry Programs. Lindsey is a Frequent Featured Speaker, a proud Member of Rotary International, and a practicing Buddhist. She lives in Los Angeles.

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