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Aventura Waterways K-8 Aftercare: A Home Away from Home For Your Children

September 28, 2023

In the bustling city of Aventura, where the sun never sets on enthusiasm for education, parents often find themselves wondering, "What's next for my child after school?" Well, the Aventura Waterways K-8 (AWK8) Aftercare Program is here to answer that question and provide a safe, enriching environment for your child to thrive. This five-day program is a haven for students currently enrolled at Aventura Waterways K-8 School, offering both academic support and exciting cross-curricular activities. Let's dive into the details of this extraordinary after-school experience.

The AWK8 Aftercare Experience
Picture this: your child finishes their school day and hops on a bus that whisks them away to the Aventura Community Recreation Center. Here, the AWK8 Aftercare Program kicks into high gear. Designed to provide academic assistance, the program ensures that homework is tackled efficiently, leaving your evenings free for quality family time.

But it's not all about books and assignments; AWK8 Aftercare knows how to balance work and play. After a productive homework session, students engage in fun cross-curricular games that stimulate their creativity and teamwork skills. It's an educational adventure wrapped in entertainment, fostering well-rounded development.

Parents' peace of mind is a top priority for AWK8 Aftercare. Transportation is taken care of, with students being safely shuttled from Aventura Waterways K-8 Center to the Aventura Community Recreation Center. Should your child ever need to skip a day or require alternative pickup arrangements, a quick call to: (305) 466-3883. Or an email to: will ensure a smooth transition.

The AWK8 Aftercare program comes at an affordable monthly fee, along with a one-time $25 Registration Fee. This fee includes all activities, necessary supplies and transportation, eliminating any hidden costs or surprises for parents. It's a budget-friendly solution that provides excellent value for your investment in your child's education and growth. It's essential to note that Teacher Planning Days are not covered by the program fee, but this information is transparently communicated upfront to parents.

A Structured Pickup Routine
Parents' schedules can be demanding, and AWK8 Aftercare understands this. Pickup is efficiently organized in a curbside style right in front of the Community Recreation Center. Pickup starts at 3:45 p.m., allowing parents to collect their children at their convenience. To ensure a safe and smooth operation, all students must be picked up by 6:00 p.m., promoting punctuality and routine.

No-Nonsense Refund Policy:
AWK8 Aftercare's commitment to quality is evident in its straightforward refund policy. The program does not offer refunds for any reason, except in the rare event of program cancellation by the City of Aventura. Attempting to dispute a payment with your credit card merchant may result in exclusion from all future City programs, underscoring the importance of adhering to program policies. Moreover, AWK8 Aftercare does not entertain credit or refund requests after the program has concluded, promoting fairness and consistency.

October Sessions
The AWK8 Aftercare Program is available in two sessions for your convenience:

Kindergarten To 1st Grade
Location: Community Recreation Center
Dates: October 1st to October 31st (excluding October 27th)
Schedule: 1:50 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., every weekday
Fees: $336.00 for Residents / $403.20 for Non-Residents

2nd to 8th Grade
Location: Community Recreation Center
Dates: October 1st to October 31st (excluding October 27th)
Schedule: 3:05 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., every weekday
Fees: $336.00 for Residents / $403.20 for Non-Residents

Both sessions are expertly instructed by the YMCA of South Florida, led by the capable Javier Villon. These sessions provide tailored support for children at different grade levels, ensuring age-appropriate activities and guidance.

Secure Your Child's Spot
Registration for the AWK8 Aftercare Program runs until September 30th, offering parents a chance to secure their child's spot in this enriching program. Late Registration is available, but spaces are limited, so it's wise to Register early and avoid any disappointment.

So, if you're a parent in Aventura looking for the perfect after-school program, consider AWK8 Aftercare. It's a home away from home, where your child can flourish academically and personally, all while having a blast. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to invest in your child's future, Register today!

Register for the AWK8 Aftercare program at: - or for more information call: (305) 466-3883.

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