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Avant Garde Safe Route To School Sidewalk Improvement Program Underway In Hollywood

January 26, 2023

As part of the Safe Route to School Grant Program, the Federal Highway Administration through the Florida Department of Transportation is funding approximately $765,407 of sidewalk improvements in Hollywood’s North Central neighborhood. The scope of the project includes adding 13,225 linear feet of new 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalks to fill in missing links along 26 different blocks that serve Oakridge Elementary School, Beachside Montessori Village, the Avant Garde Academy and Dowdy Field in Hollywood. 

Sidewalks are being constructed on one side of these neighborhood streets in the following locations: 

Wilson Street: North side of the street from North 26th Avenue to Dixie Highway.

North 25th Avenue: West side of the street from Arthur Street to the alley between Arthur Street and Cleveland Street and the east side from that point north to Wilson Street.

Roosevelt Street: South side of the street from North 23rd Avenue to Dixie Highway.

Cleveland Street: South side of the street from North 24th Avenue to Dixie Highway.

Arthur Street: North side of the street from North 24th Avenue to North 22nd Avenue, and the south side from that point to Dixie Highway.

Garfield Street: South side from North 26th Avenue to just east of North 22nd Avenue.

Hayes Street: North side from North 26th Avenue to North 25th Avenue, then the south side to North 24th Avenue and then north side to North 22nd Avenue.

Grant Street: North side from North 26th Avenue to North 22nd Avenue.

North 25th Avenue: East side from Johnson Street to Arthur Street.

Sidewalks will be constructed along the property line. Property owners adjacent to the new sidewalk locations are asked to remove all personal private property, including plants, walls, pavers or other structures that could be in conflict with the new sidewalk path. Personal items that have not been removed at the start of construction will be removed by the City’s contractor and discarded. The preservation of existing street trees is a priority. As such, when possible, sidewalks will be rerouted around trees in an effort to preserve the tree while ensuring a safe path for pedestrians. Permits will be obtained when removal is necessary. Removal will only take place as a last resort. 

During construction, partial roadway lane closures are possible when workers are present on the job site. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please call the dedicated project line at: (954) 745-0567 and press extension 1 to leave a message. A team member will return your call as quickly as possible. You may also email: for a team member response. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this important safety improvement in your community. 

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