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The Surf Debuts As Hollywood Beach’s Newest Boutique Hotel

January 26, 2023

The Surf, located at 2307 North Surf Road on Hollywood Beach’s Broadwalk, has officially debuted as the area’s newest beachfront boutique hotel. What was once the Surf Terrace Apartments has been gutted, renovated, and repurposed as a luxury hotel catering to longer term stays.

The owner of the property, Joseph Partipilo, had been vacationing to Hollywood Beach since he was a youngster in the 1970’s and had a vision to restore this property to the retro chic design-style he remembered as a child. “As a child, I remember the awe I had when I first saw the white sand beaches and aqua blue ocean. All the hotels in the area, while less than we have now, had this great architecture and vibe about them. When I decided to buy The Surf, I made very conscious decisions to maintain that design aesthetic and keep the retroness and beach feel both inside and out,” Partipilo commented.

Luxury amenities abound at The Surf. From the Omaha mattresses, Brooklinen sheets and Waterworks fixtures, The Surf focused on providing the same creature comforts you’d find at home and then some. Trust us, if you stay at The Surf, it will be the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while. But that’s not all. Each room is well over 500 square feet and features gorgeous, well-appointed sitting areas with a full-size sofa bed to accommodate additional guests, children or loved ones. Partipilo added, “each room was designed to encourage families to spread out, relax and unwind, while also providing separation and privacy when it’s bedtime.”

Another advantage to The Surf is the full-size kitchens in nearly every suite. We’re not talking just a mini fridge and microwave here. Each kitchen has all the appliances and accessories to cook a gourmet meal and showcase your inner Julia Child. Partipilo commented on the thought process behind this unique hotel concept by stating, “we wanted to appeal to guests who plan to stay for several weeks at a time or the full season by providing them the space and ability to shop for a week’s worth of groceries, cook their own meals and settle into their new home. No one can, or wants, to eat out every night, so it was important for us to provide the most comfortable setting, just like home, except we can offer a white sand beach and ocean as your new backyard.” Mr. Partipilo has thought through every detail when it comes to entertaining, even offering a huge patio and barbeque grill to enjoy a drink or a meal while you watch the sunset.

For those with a flair for adventure, you couldn’t ask for a better location than The Surf. Located right on Hollywood Beach’s famous Broadwalk, you won’t be lacking for things to do with this ideal location. You can walk the Broadwalk and find dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops to pass the time. Guests can also access the Hollywood Beach shuttle for just $1 and traverse to even more entertainment and adventure with easy hop-on and hop-off service anywhere across town.

The laid-back vibe at The Surf is by design and was carefully planned out to make guests feel that they’re in their own private retreat without the constant monitoring of an overbearing staff. The hotel offers a contactless check-in and check-out process by providing each guest with a special digital access code prior to arrival, enabling guests to arrive and depart at their convenience. While there is not a dedicated staff on site, guests can communicate any questions, special requests or needs via a text messaging app that is monitored 24/7. It’s the white-glove concierge service for the 21st century.

While The Surf is a 5-star luxury boutique hotel, it offers many affordable rate plans, including deeper discounts for stays lasting a week, a month, or an entire season. Guests are encouraged to book direct at: where they will receive a 20% direct book discount for all stays. “Our mission has always been to offer the best discounts when guests book directly with us. This way guests don’t have to pay excessive processing fees and service charges like they do when booking on: Or at: ” Partipilo noted.

The Surf is very easy to find and has something truly creative that allows this hotel to stand out from the rest. A thirty-five-foot flamingo. Curated by renowned artist, Nathaly Diaz, the flamingo mural was spray painted over an arduous 5-day period. Perched atop a wrought iron scaffold, Nathaly poured her literal blood, sweat and tears into the project. Partipilo discussed how lucky he was to have Nathaly as the resident artist, “I’ve known about Nathaly for years and love her work. It’s creative, fun and ties in seamlessly with the surroundings of the structures she uses for her canvas. We absolutely love the finished product and hope visitors, and guests alike can enjoy the flamingo.” For those curious about Nathaly’s work, we encourage you to follow her on Instagram at:

We commend Mr. Partipilo, who is now a full-time resident of Hollywood Beach, for his work and dedication to owning a local business in the community. We asked Mr. Partipilo, who has developed two other high-end hotel properties in Downtown Milwaukee, if this would be his last hotel project. “it’s hard to say if this will be it. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and rewards with every project we’ve done, and truly believe we’ve added value to each community. I love that what we’ve created in the hotel space is different, special and unlike anything else in the market. That’s enough for me… for now.”

We strongly encourage you to stay at The Surf, it’s worth the trip.

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