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The State of Hallandale Beach - Part II: We Kept Working on The Plan and The Plan Worked

By Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper

May 24, 2024

Last week I shared Part I of my State of The City Address ( Read Part 1: ). where I left off was when our City Manager Dr. Earle was hired to address the many challenges we all faced as a city and nation. We continued to work with our commission under some unprecedented issues.

The following is Part II of the State of The City Address.

From 2020-2023 here is a snapshot: insolvency, global pandemic, zoom meetings in PJs, supply chain issues, the great resignation, Russia invasion of Ukraine, recession, inflation, and civil unrest. There is one good thing happened, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. but now that's over. Remember, what could ever go wrong after establishing a plan?

Looking back, it was like playing Galactic. Our plan was being executed but outside forces continued to adversely impact us. We kept working on the plan and the plan worked!

So, where are we? Fiscal stability! Our Budget was balanced without the use of any reserves. Which are over 30 million. Our staffing levels have increased even with the great resignation. This did not come without costs. We performed a classification and compensation study to become competitive with the market, but finding employees for various departments is still a huge concern.

Our Number 1 priority remains your safety! Chief Michel has continued to fill positions with the hopes of having them all filled. Just last week two more officers were sworn in. Due to retirees, employees transferring and the gap between new hires, there will be vacancies, but the Department is performing at a level well above any expectations.
In addition, he has been tapping into our retired officers who can work part time.

Their institutional knowledge is priceless. I for one pushed for a rehire policy years ago and I am incredibly happy we are not losing officers that know our city and residents and can help train new officers.

License Plate Readers and Cameras Systems have been expanded with a direct connection to the real time crime center located at the Broward Sheriffs Office (BSO) in Fort Lauderdale.

Our Police Department achieved reaccreditation and in our most recent audit it was found to have the fastest response times in the nation.

Promises Made Promises Kept.

Our Broward Sheriffs Office Fire Division, while working with our Department of Public Works has upgraded all our fire suppression around the city and now has a robust hydrant testing program.

Completing these improvements has finally pushed our rating to Class 1. This investment not only increases public safety it helps to reduce insurance costs.

Again, Promises Made Promises Kept.

Our Sanitation Division was studied, and we decided to keep it in house.

Those of you that have heard me speak know I do not believe in contracting all services out. We should be able to provide services just as well as a for-profit company.

In our case revenue comes back to our residents in the form of competitive fees and quicker response times to customer complaints. The other value added is in the event of emergencies we have our work force to secure and protect our community. Cutting costs without cutting services. Promises Made Promises kept!

I hope you continue to follow my speech in next week’s column, I will continue with Part III.

I can be reached at: Or: or Facebook Mayor Joy Cooper. You can always call me on my office number at: (954) 457-1318. Or Call/Text me at: (954) 632-5700 Working for you! Always have! Always will!

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