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South Florida Pioneer Delivers Affordable VIP Care: How ChenMed Transforms Health with Comprehensive Care Coordination

October 19, 2023

Say Salomon, M.D., National Chief Medical Officer of hospital and community care for the ChenMed family of brands – including Chen Senior Medical Center – (pictured, left) loves to get to know and care for his patients.

The healthcare landscape is in constant evolution, and one aspect that has gained tremendous importance in recent years is comprehensive care coordination. Primary care providers (PCPs) can play a pivotal role in patient care, acting as the central orchestrators of a patient's healthcare voyage. To do this requires an orientation and a clinical infrastructure that enables them to be central figures in coordinating patient care across various medical specialties.

For more than 35 years, Chen Senior Medical Centers have been providing highly personalized primary care to South Florida seniors and the company remains focused on addressing the unique healthcare needs of those in their golden years. 

Chen doctors and care teams serve a predominantly elderly population aged 65 and above, with a significant presence in underserved communities. By guiding eligible individuals to complete the Medicaid re-enrollment process within the specified deadlines for Florida, and by providing a variety of other vital services, Chen social workers and registered nurse case managers amplify the quality of clinical care provided by ChenMed clinicians. They help improve health outcomes and patient experience by making comprehensive care coordination a reality, including access to essential community resources crucial for their overall health and well-being. 

“We provide this service to supplement the unwinding efforts that are now underway and to make it as convenient as possible for the Medicaid-eligible seniors we serve to maintain their insurance,” said Dr. Say Salomon, ChenMed National Chief Medical Officer, hospital and community care. “Without it, they run the risk of facing unaffordable medical bills and losing access to programs they need to stay healthy and secure.”   

Establishing Improved Health Outcomes through Primary Care 
Champions for making primary care the cornerstone of each patient's healthcare journey, Chen doctors and care team members offer comprehensive and continuous support by nurturing enduring relationships with their patients. By developing deep familiarity with their patients' medical histories, meeting with them on an ongoing and regular basis, and accessing their patients’ specialist records, Chen’s doctors and care teams cultivate an intimate understanding of medical history, social contexts and unique healthcare requirements – all to enable better care coordination.

In situations where patients seek care from multiple specialists, Chen doctors can excel at synthesizing critical information, to provide an all-encompassing perspective on their patients' health. This comprehensive insight leads to well-informed care decisions and tailor-made care plans that account for the patient's entire medical background.

Harmonizing the Continuum of Care 
Health often becomes more complex as people age. So, it is important to understand that specialist doctors often lack the time to understand the important nuances in any patient’s complete medical records. This is precisely why Chen’s high-touch approach to primary care is so valuable to aging patients. Chen primary care providers (PCPs) stay at the forefront of connecting patients to various medical specialties. They forge seamless collaborations with specialists to guarantee a smooth handover of care, all while nurturing a shared understanding of each patient's unique needs and aspirations.

Each Chen doctor oversees the coordination of appointment schedules; the sharing of pertinent medical records; and ensures efficient communication among providers throughout the healthcare system – all to benefit patients. They mastermind a continuum of care, that effectively reduces fragmentation, avoids redundant tests, and uplifts the overall quality of healthcare. 

Care coordination becomes even more imperative for patients grappling with chronic conditions that frequently necessitate the expertise of multiple specialists. Chen primary care clinicians function as the central pivot, aligning disparate treatment strategies and ensuring harmonious care delivery. They meticulously monitor the patient's progress, adapting treatment plans as circumstances demand and extending consistent support. 

By integrating diverse medical specialties and services, Chen PCPs optimize the management of chronic conditions, leading to superior outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Furthermore, owing to their enriched medical knowledge relative to the patients they serve, Chen PCPs establish networks with specialists, facilitating discussions about perplexing or ambiguous assessments and treatment plans. While patients might not have direct access to their specialists beyond scheduled appointments, Chen doctors diligently engage in peer-to-peer exchanges with specialists, clarifying the patient's healthcare trajectory. 

“Many of our patients have had little access to the kind of medical care and services that all of us need to lead our healthiest lives,” said Steve Nelson, ChenMed President. “To truly provide them with whole person (value-based) care, we need to understand and address the practical issues that determine and directly impact the quality of their day-to-day living. This is a primary focus of ChenMed team members, including our patient advocates, social workers, nurse practitioners, and doctors, who make it their mission to learn of the burdens our patients face beyond their medical status and work together to remove them.” 

Elevating Patient Safety and Contentment 
Effective care coordination within the primary care realm is a catalyst for bolstering patient safety and enhancing their overall contentment. When doctors are armed with a comprehensive understanding of the patient's healthcare odyssey, they are proficient in spotting potential care gaps and inconsistencies. They identify these issues and champion the patient's cause, ensuring appropriate referrals, timely follow-ups, and judicious medication management. These proactive measures minimize the risk of medical errors, fostering a strong, trust-based relationship between the patient and their PCP. This, in turn, results in heightened satisfaction with the entire healthcare experience. 

The significance of care coordination within primary care has become an essential facet of healthcare.

PCPs, acting as the central figures with access to specialist records, assume a distinctive role as the linchpin in orchestrating and managing diverse facets of the patient's healthcare journey. By promoting collaboration, easing communication, and integrating care across various specialties, PCPs significantly contribute to the realization of seamless, patient-centric care. In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, care coordination within primary care remains an enduring pillar for optimizing patient outcomes and elevating the overall quality of care. 

ChenMed remains deeply committed to care coordination within primary care. The company’s PCPs work to provide a unified healthcare experience for their patients rather than treating them as isolated components of a fragmented medical system.

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