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My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy

April 13, 2023

Steve Solomon’s Award-Winning one-person comedic tour-de-force will be back at the Broward Center for a limited 2-show engagement on Thursday, April 20th, 2023 and Friday, April 21st, 2023.

A native of Brooklyn, Steve grew up in the multi-ethnic neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. This was the perfect training ground for a dialectician and comedian. Steve learned at an early age how to use his gift for imitating accents to his advantage. Using his gift for mimicry, he would fool most people with his antics. Steve remembers the day he played "hooky" from school. Back then the Truant Officer would call each parent and verify the fact that their child was home.

Steve, using a rough growly voice, took the initiative and called the school. He asked for the Truant Officer's Office. The officer answered, "Can I help you?" Steve, using as deep a voice as he could muster said, "Yes, Steve won't be able to come into school today, he's sick." The Truant Officer said, "And who am I talking to?" Steve cleared his throat and answered, "Um, this is my father speaking!"

He also realized that he was a prolific writer of jokes and stories; real jokes and cranked them out for special events at the local Church and Synagogue.

Solomon’s humor is universal and universally loved. Enhanced by his talent for impersonation and his mastery of different dialects – he does approximately 20 different characters and voices in his shows – his stories about his Mixed Heritage Italian/Jewish Family resonate with everyone, no matter what their ethnicity and have delighted and entertained audiences for thousands of performances. The show, which is constantly evolving, has been updated and is, as audiences will attest, “funnier than ever!” Uncle Willie, Stuttering Cousin Bob, Demented Cousin Kenny, Steve’s new therapist Cousin Sal (and Sal’s parole officer) and a myriad of other astounding characters will populate the Amaturo Stage during his performances. The show is now one of the longest running one-man comedies in history!

The Multi-Faceted Solomon (from physics teacher, to school administrator, to entrepreneur, to comic, to Award-Winning Playwright, to performer – who still performs) has now added author to his list of accomplishments. His new book, Comedian? Don’t Do It! They’ll Just Laugh at YOU!” Mom, has recently been published and is now available on Steve’s own website at: - There is also a Kindle Version available on:

“The book is packed with hilarious anecdotes and relatable humor,” Solomon said recently. “It’s a true “Rocky” story of my unbelievable adventures – going from Brooklyn to Broadway in ONLY 60 years!”

Tickets for My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy! range in price from $29 – $49 and are available at: Or by calling: (954) 462-0222.

For more information about Steve Solomon, please visit: Or: - To arrange to for interviews or to see the production, please contact me at: Or call me at: (561) 445-9244.

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