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Hurricane Preparedness Tips For Condo Owners & Renters: What New Aventura Residents Need To Know To Be Ready For Torrential Threats, Storms And More

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

June 9, 2023

The National Weather Service has officially announced the start of the 2023 Hurricane Season – which spans from June 1st, 2023 to November 30th, 2023 – which has already casted a shadow on our summer plans. Unlike previous years where South Floridians approached the season with a more casual disposition, Aventura residents are now proactive in preparing themselves for what’s to come while viewing weather forecasts with a more critical – and sometimes ominous – outlook.

Cloudy days have been amiss since the beginning of 2023 and unpredictable storms have been the norm in South Florida for months. On April 12th, Broward County residents experienced an historic downpour of nearly 26 inches, resulting in record breaking flash floods that inundated thousands of homes and businesses while stranding drivers in the middle of major highways in their vehicles, most of which required urgent rescues. To the surprise of many, the impetus of the storm reduced the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to a never-ending lake of flood water, closing the facility and grounding all aircraft for days while the government declared a State of Emergency.

While many long-term South Floridians already know how to prepare themselves and their properties during the season, new condo residents from the Northeast - who are more accustomed to maneuvering snow opposed to rain – are acclimating themselves to potential Hurricane threats and commonly overlook necessary steps in the process. Here are a few tips that are frequently taken for granted during such frantic times:

Be proactive in prioritizing your family’s Hurricane Preparation.
Experts recommend assembling enough supplies to last for 14 days. Aventura is primarily dominated by condominiums, so many residents enjoy the benefits of living on an elevated plane above ground level. However, preparing for a potential Hurricane should remain first and foremost on our radar as summer approaches. Beat the last-minute rush by stocking up on all your basic essentials and non-perishable items as early as possible. Along with food and water, flashlights and First-Aid Kits, don’t forget to store an adequate amount of cash along with significant documents such as insurance policies, passports, and driver licenses in a waterproof box or container.

Make arrangements to clear your balconies and porches.
Though many homeowners reside within the neighborhood, others living outside the city purchase units in Aventura as investment properties. In the case of the vacant, yet furnished properties, several steps in the preparation process are overlooked, such as bringing all the outdoor and balcony furniture indoors to prevent them from being tossed around by the wind, causing even more damage to neighboring properties or pedestrians.

Park your car in a safe place.
Parking lots in Aventura vary based on their different propensities to Flood. In this case, ensure the Safety of your vehicle by parking in a secure, elevated location free of standing water and debris. If possible, use your vehicle as an additional place to store emergency items in case Evacuation is apparent, and remember to fill your tank with gas once a Hurricane Warning is confirmed.

Maintain your sense of community.
Emergencies tend to force us to be concerned about our own needs, along with the needs of our immediate families. Hurricane Warnings offer a necessary opportunity to consider the needs of our friends and neighbors. Reach out to your neighbors to make sure they are safe and sound before, during, and after a storm. Help some of our more vulnerable residents, such as the elderly and disabled communities. Share your resources and rely on your sense of humanity in connecting with others during this time.

Stay informed with storm information specific to Aventura at: and sign up for CodeRED Emergency Alerts from Aventura, visit OR text AlertAventura to: 99411.

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