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FREE Health & Wellness Fair: Presented by Chen Medical Center

November 9, 2023

In the heart of Miami Gardens, a health-centric extravaganza awaits our beloved seniors. Chen Senior Medical Center is set to host a spectacular Senior Health Fair, an event dedicated to promoting and sustaining the well-being of our elderly community. On November 16th, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Betty T. Ferguson Auditorium will transform into a haven of holistic health, vitality, and community engagement.

At Chen Senior Medical Center, the mission revolves around fostering personalized primary care that Medicare-eligible seniors need to enjoy better health. With a commitment to providing high-touch transformative primary care and a patient-centered approach, the Health Fair aims to embody these principles by offering an array of activities and services tailored to promote transformative primary care among the elderly.

This event promises an assortment of engaging and enriching activities designed specifically for our senior attendees. From health screenings to educational 'Doc Talk' Sessions and even a soothing Tai Chi Class, the fair is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for health and Well-Being. The health screenings aim to assess various health parameters, empowering individuals to take charge of their health. The 'Doc Talk' Sessions, facilitated by seasoned healthcare professionals, offer valuable insights and guidance on various health-related topics. Moreover, the Tai Chi Class provides an opportunity for attendees to engage in a calming and beneficial exercise known for its numerous health benefits.

Beyond the enriching health-centric activities, the event will also feature live music to uplift spirits, refreshing refreshments to satiate the palate, and exciting giveaways, adding an element of delight and enjoyment to the day's proceedings.

It's not merely an event; it's an experience. The Senior Health Fair isn't just about health screenings and educational sessions; it's a celebration of life, vitality, and the senior community.

For those eager to participate, a simple RSVP is all it takes to secure a spot at this not-to-be-missed event. Interested individuals can contact Jack Olczak at: (786) 760-7295. Or Pedro Viera at: (786) 831-7501 to confirm their attendance. The Senior Health Fair will be held at the Betty T. Ferguson Auditorium, at 3000 Northwest 199th Street, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056.

However, it's essential to note that while the fair is free for seniors, some services may not be covered under all plans. It's advisable to check plan documents for service availability at individual centers. Additionally, due to space and time limitations, some services might not be available at all centers. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions might apply, and offers are available while supplies last. There's no obligation to enroll in a plan or choose Chen Senior Medical Center as your provider.

The Senior Health Fair sponsored by Chen Senior Medical Center promises an inspiring, educational, and entertaining experience aimed at nurturing the health and wellness of our seniors. It's not just an event; it's a statement of care, support, and community engagement for the elderly.

Join in this celebration of health, vitality, and togetherness!

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