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Fifteen Ways: Aventura Residents Can Celebrate Earth & Arbor Day, Everyday

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

April 25, 2024

Meteorologists and environmentalists alike would argue that the effects of global warming and rapid climate change have produced a series of unprecedented events. Since 2023, scientists measuring ocean heat have produced astoundingly high, record-breaking temperatures that continue to reflect the globe’s warmest year on record. Off-season thunderstorms continue to ravage California’s scenic landscape while a 4.8-magnitude earthquake shocked a New Jersey suburb that rattled most of the Northeast coast.

Aventura has always been known for its beautification efforts and commitment to preserving its natural habitat. However, recent events taking place within the city limits– such as the repositioning of the Aventura Community Green Garden, along with the rare sighting of an enormous crocodile strolling down North Country Club Drive last month– have forced residents to reframe the way in which we think about our natural habitat. With Earth Day and Arbor Day approaching on Monday, April 22nd and Friday, April 26th, respectively, families can rest assured that environmental sustainability continues to remain a citywide priority as leaders will host its annual Earth and Arbor Day Celebration at 10:00 am on Friday, April 26th, 2024 at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. For those seeking a more personal approach to incorporating Earth-friendly practices into their households and daily routines, here’s a list of 15 steps individuals can take to become more accountable as socially responsible neighbors and global citizens.

1. Alter your energy plan as soon as possible. Residents and professionals find themselves spending a small fortune to heat offices and condos during the spring and summer months, but rates can be adjusted based on special provisions to consolidate resources. Remember to turn off the lights and electronic devices when not in use.

2. Gather your family to attend one of the public parks and facilities in the neighborhood. A listing of venues, depending on your desire to go for a stroll, play a game of softball, or enjoy a water splash pad, can be found at the following link:

3. Take a moment to clean up plastic in the neighborhood and make sure these items are discarded properly.

4. Plant a tree in honor of Arbor Day or a loved one who has transitioned.

5. Create a home-based garden on a windowsill or balcony. Before proceeding with this suggestion, check with your community manager to see if any policies or mandates need to be followed.

6. Reduce, reuse, RECYCLE, and spread the word!

7. Conserve water at any given opportunity. Reduce your time in the shower and running water to wash your hands, cook, and clean. Plus, drink more each day!

8. Alter your diet and pivot to healthier alternatives– including fruit and vegetable offerings– to reduce your carbon footprint.

9. Embrace walking and avoid driving when possible, especially within a 2-mile radius.

10. Utilize the Aventura BCycle Bike Share Program, Freebee ride share service, or carpooling to do your part in preventing fossil fuel emissions.

11. Donate to a South Florida-based botanical garden and financially support its events on an annual basis.

12. Compile recipes containing plant-based ingredients to increase your intake of nutrients promoting optimal health.

13. Filter your homes with house plants! Turn off the air conditioning system and open your windows, letting the breezes of spring fill your rooms.

14. Unplug from your mobile phone, laptop, and other portable devices and plug into the benefits of nature. Savor your surroundings and the beauty of living in the moment.

15. Attend your next Aventura Commission Meeting to express your concerns regarding environmental sustainability, or sign up to volunteer for one of the related Advisory Boards addressing these issues, such as
the Community Service Advisory Board.

The City of Aventura will continue to promote its ongoing GO Green campaign, which urges departments, businesses, and residents to embrace environmental sustainability practices by reducing costs, conserving energy, and maximizing natural resources. For more information regarding the City’s upcoming event honoring Earth Day and Arbor Day, visit the following website:

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