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Electric Vehicle Uncertainty: The Government's Push For Electric Cars Will Cost You $$$$

April 27, 2023

The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum worldwide as governments seek to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. While this shift towards EVs is a positive development, there is also uncertainty and concern about the cost implications for consumers. There are also concerns about the reliability and lifespan of EV batteries, and the cost of replacing them when they eventually fail.

In this race to reduce Car Emissions there is one big thing we may be missing, longevity. For many families, cars are huge, long-term investments second only to homes. Now the government is looking to make the expense even higher. In what would be the nation’s most ambitious climate regulation, the Biden Administration is planning some of the most stringent Auto Pollution Limits in the world, designed to ensure that all-electric cars make up as much as 67 percent of new passenger vehicles sold in the country by 2032. This would force many families to purchase vehicles that they might not be able to afford.

So what's the solution to this problem? The best way is to keep your current car on the road longer and make it safer to continue to serve their needs for years to come. No matter what or where you drive, you can keep your current vehicle looking and performing its best - and even update it to make it safer - with these tips you can keep your current vehicle safe and reliable for years to come.

The best way to improve comfort and safety is with a new set of Tires. So if it's time to trade your Tires in, take the time to learn what options are available for your vehicle. For those in fair weather states like Florida, summer performance tires offer the best possible Fuel Efficiency all year round. Families living in milder states and traveling in occasional snow may consider all-season tires that trade efficiency for safety on a variety of surfaces. Finally, if you're a snow bird and only here part-time, when it comes to driving in a winter wonderland there is no substitute for Specialized Rubber and Tread Patterns - purchase a dedicated set of Snow Tires to ensure you're safe all winter long. No matter your situation, a new set of tires can maximize safety and extend the life of your car.

Better For The Environment?
A study from 2021 revealed that if car owners keep their vehicles on the road 10 percent longer before sending them to the scrapyard, the overall Carbon Footprint of cars would decrease by 30.7 million tons. That’s the equivalent of a one-percent decrease in CO2 Emissions. Researchers say the reason for this is that manufacturing new vehicles actually produces more Greenhouse Gasses than continuing to drive existing cars — even if they use Gasoline, to see the study, visit:

New Look, New Ride
One way to breathe new life into your ride is to take it to the next level aesthetically. With people keeping their vehicles longer and enthusiastic communities growing around nearly every make and model of vehicle, it's easy to find parts to make your vision a reality. One of the most eye-catching additions is a new set of wheels and there are thousands of brands, styles and sizes to choose from for every car. The addition of front, side wind deflectors can help keep you cool and give any ride that athletic look and protect your paint. Upgrading Stock Headlight and Taillight Units - many fitted with high-visibility LEDs - has never been easier. By changing your vehicle's lighting to LEDs it can give you the same technology as an EV in your gas powered vehicle.

Upgrade Your Tech
Safety and creature comforts alike can add to your enjoyment of your vehicle, even if you've been driving it for several years. Many cars can be updated with the latest and greatest features available in new rides, including High-Tech Infotainment equipped with Digital Assistants, Front and Rear Cameras, Parking Sensors, Blind Spot Warning and even Collision Avoidance Systems. As families look to extend their cars' lifespans, these technology upgrades can make driving comfortable and safer.

Performance & Comfort
While looks and tech can bring new experiences to your car, no change has quite the same impact as improving its performance. Options abound for those looking to improve the power and handling of their ride, such as replacing the exhaust system, lowering springs, a full suspension replacement or just a new set of seat covers to give your vehicle a renewed comfort and appearance.

Find Purpose-Built Parts
Whether you're an amateur DIY-er looking to maintain and make small upgrades to your vehicle or an expert looking to make bigger modifications, finding parts and accessories that fit your vehicle is crucial. From hard-to-find Performance Modifications to made-to-fit cosmetic accessories, eBay Motors offers parts and accessories for nearly any vehicle, skillset and project. The App offers an entire catalog of inventory with 122 million live parts listings at any given time, giving auto enthusiasts the ability to purchase from an expansive inventory from the convenience of a Smartphone. What's more, features like: Buy It Now, My Garage and Fitment Finder enable users to easily search parts and accessories, verify the items fit their vehicle and make immediate purchases for what they need.

The government's push for EVs will require significant investment in infrastructure, and this cost will likely be passed on to consumers in the form of higher taxes and increased vehicle prices, so keeping and maintaining your current vehicle may be the best option for now.

Despite these uncertainties, the benefits of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation make the push towards EVs an essential step in the fight against climate change.

The keep your current car running well into the future you can find helpful resources at: or ask a family friend the name of a trustworthy local mechanic. Either of these choices can save you thousands in the long run and save the Environment at the same time.

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