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A City of Beauty And Business: Aventura Ranks Among America’s Top 30 Suburban Cities For Corporate Headquarters

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

September 19, 2023

Fall is here and an overabundance of work opportunities have landed in Aventura, giving prospective candidates a sign of hope and renewed inspiration for a professionally prosperous 2024. The forecasted outlook for job creation within the city remains bright due to corporate relocations, international expansions, and small business startups. According to a recent study conducted by The Boyd Company, a site selection consultancy based in Princeton, New Jersey, Aventura ranks among America’s top 30 suburban cities for corporate headquarters.

Similarly, The Miami-Dade Beacon Council presented research uncovered through Applied Geographic Solutions and GIS Planning, which affirmed the region’s ideal infrastructure for Small Business Ownership since 77.7% of its operations employ between 1 and 4 professionals. With economic development on the rise in Aventura due to its unique Tax Structure, Municipal Resources, and desirable Residential Amenities, long-term residents and new transplants would benefit from riding the wave and launching a comprehensive job search this Fall.

Many who are willing to embark on this journey don’t know where to begin. Below are some steps that Aventura residents – or anyone seeking a necessary career pivot by 2024 – should notate in the process:

Decide to make a change – and fast. According to the Gallup World Poll, 85% of today’s employees worldwide are dissatisfied with their current jobs. Though collecting a regular paycheck may seem appealing under any circumstance, those who are seeking fulfillment, appreciation, and purpose are taking the leap of faith to pursue positions offering higher salaries, more extensive benefits packages, professional development education, and a healthy work-life balance. Some say that the most difficult portion of a job search is deciding to make the transition, so why not tackle the hardest step first?

Identify your next move. There is a reason why you want to leave your current job. Since you’ve decided to identify a new path, you might as well map out a career vision that would bring you the most joy. Where would you like to work? What industries interest you? Are you seeking a traditional office format, or would you consider hybrid or remote positions? These are the questions you should ask yourself while brainstorming a strategy leading to the next step.

Optimize your candidacy. This entails dusting off your old Resumé to include your most recent job capacity, along with metrics indicating your achievements, and keywords that align with the desired role for which you’re searching. Additionally, don’t forget to pen an engaging cover letter explaining why your contributions would benefit your dream company, plus a detailed LinkedIn Profile to complement your skill-set with other accolades encompassing your personality, such as organizational memberships, awards won, and community service.

Network with other professionals. Aventura proudly serves over 40,000 residents each day, not to mention the millions of international visitors that support neighboring businesses throughout the year. Executives and hiring managers representing the city’s most profitable labor force industries – which are dominated by sales, financial institutions, and administrative operations – are available at the local Chamber Of Commerce’s Networking Receptions, Monthly Meetings held at the Aventura City Government Center, volunteering on a local advisory board, or shopping within one of the many plazas available in town. LinkedIn is also a viable resource for job seekers who would like to broaden their contacts online.

Remain optimistic. Continue to hope for the best and wholeheartedly believe that a change is on the horizon. A job search is frequently likened to a marathon in that the results aren’t usually apparent overnight. Instead, identifying a new path can take months to manifest into a new job, which is why starting immediately will give you the greatest chance of positioning yourself for a new role. Remember, this journey is a process. If you take ownership of your career trajectory and chart your own path, with belief in your abilities, then success is inevitable.

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