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Insights From Hollywood Police: How To Navigate Holiday Shopping Safely

December 7, 2023

The season of gifting, laughter and heartfelt joy is upon us! Amidst the sparkle of holiday lights and the thrill of finding the perfect present, it's crucial to ensure that our festive cheer isn't clouded by potential risks. Whether strolling through bustling stores or surfing the web for that ideal gift, the Hollywood Police Department has offered invaluable safety tips to safeguard both your purchases and your peace of mind.

In The Buzz Of Stores
Navigating crowded stores with shopping bags aplenty demands a strategic approach. The Hollywood Police Department advises against burdening yourself with more than you can comfortably carry. Seek assistance from store staff or bring a shopping buddy to ease the load and enhance security. To outsmart potential fraudsters, consider using disposable credit cards or alternate payment methods. It's all about staying one step ahead.

When it comes to protecting your financial information, vigilance is key. Keep your credit cards close and wait until prompted before revealing them. A simple act like carrying your wallet inside a secure pocket can thwart pickpockets' attempts. And for parents, having a plan in place for staying connected with children amidst the shopping frenzy ensures a stress-free experience for all.

Parking lots can be prime spots for opportunistic thieves. Opt for well-lit areas and be aware of your surroundings, particularly when returning to your vehicle. Visibility is key—stash your purchases out of sight and never leave valuables in plain view, reducing the temptation for would-be thieves.

Online Shopping Know-How
In our digital age, online shopping is a convenience many of us cherish. Yet, it comes with its own set of precautions. The Hollywood Police Department recommends using credit cards over debit cards for online purchases, offering an added layer of protection in case of discrepancies. Additionally, verifying a secure connection by looking for the padlock icon in the browser bar can prevent data breaches and secure transactions.

Moreover, safeguard your personal information vigilantly. Refrain from divulging sensitive data to unsolicited callers or suspicious websites. Keep receipts and confirmations handy, organizing them in a file to streamline any future verification processes. Scams often masquerade as tempting deals, so a keen eye and cautious approach are paramount.

Charitable Giving: Stay Alert
The spirit of giving extends beyond gifting to loved ones—it encompasses the noble act of contributing to charitable causes. However, not all charitable appeals may be genuine. The Hollywood Police Department underscores the importance of verifying the legitimacy of charities before donating. Check registered charities with official state departments and watchdog organizations to ensure your generosity reaches its intended destination.

Beware of sound-alike charities and unsolicited requests for sensitive information. Legitimate charities will respect your desire for information through official channels, offering transparency in their dealings. Additionally, familiarize yourself with IRS Guidelines regarding Tax-Exempt Organizations to ensure your contributions are aiding reputable causes.

Community Engagement: Join the Cause
Beyond shopping safety, the Hollywood Police Department encourages community involvement. Their upcoming Hollywood Beach Sweep on December 9th invites volunteers of all ages to join in keeping the scenic beaches pristine. By taking part in this initiative, you're not just contributing to the environment but also fostering a safer and more beautiful community for all.

Join Volunteers this Saturday, December 9th between 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to collect Litter and Cigarette Butts from Sandy Beach. Volunteers meet at Charnow Park at Garfield Street and the Broadwalk, at 7:00 a.m. Please complete the Registration Form available on the City’s website at: Children ages 8 and older are welcome to participate when accompanied by an adult. Gloves and Garbage Bags will be provided to all Volunteers along with Safety Instructions. Please dress appropriately, wear Sunscreen and bring a completed Registration Form. Don't forget, Plastic Water Bottles are prohibited on Hollywood Beach, so bring a Reusable Water Bottle instead.

This event, while focusing on Beach Cleanliness, embodies the essence of Community Engagement and Safety. Volunteers, equipped with Gloves, Bags and Safety Guidelines, will join hands to make a tangible difference. It's an opportunity to contribute, bond with fellow residents, and enjoy the season's spirit in an impactful way.

As we gear up for the festivities, let's arm ourselves with knowledge and vigilance. These Safety Measures from the Hollywood Police Department serve as a guiding light, ensuring our holidays remain merry and worry-free. Embrace the Season's Joy, Spread Goodwill and above all, Stay Safe!

Remember, a safe community begins with each one of us. For more tips and insights from the Hollywood Police Department, visit:

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