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Elan Fine Jewelry: Crafting you the Finest Jewelry in South Florida

By Austin Torres

October 19, 2022

When it comes to crafting fine jewelry, an individual must have patience, an enormous passion for designing, and of course, the eye of a visionary. For over twenty years, Elan Aburos has personified these qualities and they have set him apart as one of the most sought out jewelry designers in South Florida.

Elan knows that each gem and stone tells a unique story, and for him crafting fine jewelry is not only his mission, but his passion project, a labor of love, and a special gift to share with the community.

Elan first came to the United States in 1985 and soon after began working in the Diamond District on 47th street in New York City, one of the premier diamond centers in the world. In 1989, Elan decided to move to Florida where he opened a booth in the International Jewelry exchange. It was not long before his reputation for meticulous attention to detail and unrivaled passion for his work earned him a loyal following. Each of Elan’s pieces are delicately crafted and inspected to assure customers will be fully satisfied. Molding and casting his own 18K gold or platinum, picking only the most refined materials, Elan chooses, sets, and polishes each stone himself. Each finished product is a unique work of art.

Understanding that each product carries a deep sentimental value, Elan goes above and beyond to make sure that each of his customers are happy with the final piece. When it comes to Jewelry, it is important to realize that each piece carries a certain emotional weight to them. Jewelry is often passed down from generation to generation, and with each passing a piece will also accrue more of that special sentimental value. Having spent over twenty years pouring his heart into every product he has worked on and relishing in the joy that it has brought countless of his customers, Elan is a man that devotes himself fully to this work. As a matter of fact, jewelry also runs in Elan’s family. A Tel Aviv sabra, Elan was born into a jewelry family. His maternal grandfather was the personal jeweler for the King of Yemen.

At Elan’s Fine Jewelry you can expect to be treated not as a customer, but as a family member. As soon as you walk in through those doors, you will be treated to top notch service and an intimate experience with people who are dedicated to making sure all of your needs are fulfilled. One of the aspects that truly set Elan apart from other jewelers is his eagerness to work with customers to bring their vision to life.

“If a customer is new, I encourage them to discuss their ideas and I give them a quick drawing, explaining my ideas and then create something very special for them,” says Elan, “I know my frequent customers, I know their likes and uniqueness so it becomes wonderful to design for them.”

Custom jewelry is perhaps one of the most timeless gifts. It can last several lifetimes and there is something truly beautiful about having your own unique piece of jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else. When it comes to personal gifts, there are few others that can compete with it. Whether it’s a necklace, custom ring, bracelet, broach, or earring, there is no shortage of options to choose from at Elan Fine jewelry.

At Elan Fine Jewelry you can also bring pieces in for repair. Over time you might notice that a certain bracelet might not shine the way it used to, or maybe the clasp on your favorite necklace is broken, making it impossible to wear anymore. Jewelry, just like any other product needs to be taken care of and maintained. Elan and his team provide a generous range of repair assistance along with refinishing and refurbishment services. Additionally, you can also bring in pieces for engravements. An engravement can be the difference between a common ring and one that will be kept as a family heirloom for generations to come. Have a special message etched into a piece to set it apart from all the others.

At Elan Fine Jewelry you can also bring in your jewelry for an appraisal. Elan’s years of experience and profound knowledge of the industry make him an expert in the art of evaluation, and his integrity will assure that you are given an honest and fair appraisal. No matter the type of service, Elan and his team promise you nothing less than a smile and total satisfaction.

If you would like more information about Elan Fine Jewelry you can visit their website at, email them at, or contact them directly at 305.935.0102. You can also visit their location at 19275 Biscayne Blvd Suite 62 Aventura FL, 33180, hours of operation: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am- 5:00 pm.

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