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Youth Advisory Board

June 8, 2021

Get Involved, The Deadline Is This Friday To Register

The City of Aventura is accepting applications for member positions available on the Youth Advisory Board through Friday, June 11, 2021. Potential board members must be Aventura residents of high school age.

Potential board members must be Aventura residents of high school age and be actively enrolled in a public or private high school for the 2021/2022 school year. Applicants must be willing to make a commitment during the school year, attend meetings as scheduled, and participate in other volunteer opportunities as offered.

The Board consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval of the City Commission. The mission of the Board is to assist the City of Aventura in educational, civic, and community events and activities. Additional information on the Board can be found in the adopted Ordinance (No. 2017-03), available at

Want to Make a Difference, What Is a Youth Advisory Board?

A youth advisory board (YAB) is a body of young people appointed by an organization to inform and advise policies and practices that directly impact them. It is important for these kinds of boards to exist. They provide an array of personal experiences, as opposed to just using heuristics, to shape systems and services—but for that to be effective, people must get involved. Drawing from research from previous board member experiences, it’s worth participating on a YAB. YABs are formed because organizations have made the decision to listen to youth.

You learn so much thanks to YABs: about systems, about services, about people and programs. More enlightening than anything else, however, is the things you’ll learn about yourself during all this. Being on a YAB just might help you figure out where you’ve been, and where you’re going. But the only way to learn is to find out.

Applications can be completed exclusively online at For more information, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 305-466-8901 or via email to

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