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Wellcare Rehabilitation Center Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

June 9, 2023

To celebrate 20 years of delivering top tier physical therapy the staff at Wellcare Rehabilitation would like to invite you to visit their center for a consultation. As one of the premier physical therapy centers in South Florida, the team at Wellcare prides themselves on providing personalized treatment plans tailored to the needs of their patients.

And with the growing popularity of regenerative therapies, the staff at Wellcare encourages you to visit their facility to learn more about these state-of-the-art treatments. Offering both Class IV laser therapy as well as Lifewave, which have both shown outstanding results in the healing of varying physical injuries. To learn more about these treatments and their potential benefits call Wellcare Rehabilitation Center.

The stellar staff at Wellcare is led by licensed physical therapist, and clinical director, Michael Kenton, who has over 25 years of experience in physical therapy, as well as sports injury rehabilitation, orthopedics, and neurology. Wellcare’s mission is to detect problems early on so that they may customize their treatment with the goal of restoring a patient’s pre-injury level of function.

“Debilitation from physical disorders or the normal aging process can often be delayed if problems are detected early enough through in-depth physical evaluation, but too often, people allow their conditions to deteriorate before they seek treatment,” says Kenton.

The process of personalizing a treatment plan begins with a patient’s initial visit which includes an in-depth physical therapy evaluation that includes a check of vital signs, medical history, tests for strength and flexibility, balance and functional assessment, and posture evaluation. Following the evaluation, a detailed plan of care is developed for the patient with the intent of offering long-lasting relief, often times without the need of harmful drugs or unnecessary surgeries.

“We want to identify dysfunction before it can lead to severe functional decline,” says Kenton.

Conditions treated at Wellcare include balance and gait disorders, vertigo, dizziness, muscle weakness, as well as neck, joint and back pain. Post-operative orthopedic conditions and neurological disorders are also treated at the center. Depending on their condition, patients can expect 50-minute to an hour session of personalized care using a wide range of manual therapies and exercises. Some of these exercises might include, stretching and joint mobilizations.

In some cases, patients are also given hands on massages and manual therapy for those experiencing pain and tightness. Massage treatments are also used to reduce secondary symptoms of an illness or condition, for example those recovering from surgical procedures, and even chronic headaches. Patients seek out massage therapy as a supplementary treatment for various types of pain. Arthritis and other hand related conditions are also targeted with massage therapy.

Patients can also participate in Wellcare’s personal training program. You can work one-one with a trainer who will guide and motivate you while also ensuring that you apply proper form on each of the exercise machines so that you can attain the most benefits out of your workouts. A fundamental part of Wellcare’s philosophy is understanding that each patient has a unique set of goals and needs that must be met. With a personalized program designed to fit your specific needs you will be able to lose weight, condition muscle, improve bone strength, enhance muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, and improve your vascular efficiency. "Individualized care is extremely effective in a patient’s recovery,” says Kenton. “But the sooner treatment begins, the better the likelihood of success. If we deal with a problem early on, we are more likely to reach the desired outcome.”

“Our goal at Wellcare is for people to think of us as a primary stage in their program for good health rather than following medication and other therapies that have failed.”

What sets the team at Wellcare apart from other physical therapists is their unwavering dedication to treating their patients with excellent care. At Wellcare, each patient is treated like a family member by professionals fully committed to offering top tier service and treating each patient in the same way that they would treat their loved ones.

Wellcare also helps treat work and automobile related injuries, as well as neurological disorders including ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, paralysis, and spinal cord rehabilitation. Whether you are struggling with Sciatica, a Herniated Disc, or want to get in better shape, Wellcare has the staff and tools to help you.

Wellcare Rehabilitation and Wellness Center is located at 304 West Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Hallandale Beach, several blocks west of South Dixie Highway and only a few minutes away from Aventura or Hollywood. For more information or to schedule your first appointment, you can call or text: (954) 454-4280. You may also visit their website at:

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