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The City of Hollywood Rewards Customers for Saving Water

September 1, 2022

For more than 12 years, the City of Hollywood has been providing qualified water customers up to $100 with the Toilet Rebate Program. Toilets are the third highest water use item in your home, behind showers and washing machines. To help customers conserve water, the City of Hollywood Department of Public Services offers this rebate program to customers who purchase and install new, more efficient toilet fixtures.

More than 5,000 toilets have been distributed since the rebate program began more than 12 years ago. That’s more than 400 toilets each year! Public Utilities is a proud partner in helping customers achieve lower water usage by encouraging the installation of new fixtures that use less water. Water customers who participate in the rebate program receive a credit of up to $100 towards the cost of a new toilet, plus they save on future bills while conserving water. That conservation also saves energy that is used in the water production process, thereby reducing the City’s overall carbon footprint.

If you are a City of Hollywood water customer, getting a rebate is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Qualify by having a toilet that uses 1.6 or more gallons per flush that you want to replace and a City of Hollywood Water Account*

2. Replace the water-wasting toilet with a new EPA-approved toilet of your choice. Look for the “WaterSense” label (below).

3. Complete your rebate application (including signed form, water bill, itemized toilet receipt and photo of toilet showing it has been installed) and submit by emailing to: Once your application is approved you will receive a water bill credit for up to $100 of the pre-tax cost of the toilet on a future water bill.

To download an application or for more information, please visit:

*Applicants under third party water billing (e.g. Condo/HOA) may still apply. However, the bill recipient must provide a copy of the water bill to be credited and sign the rebate application stating that they will reimburse the toilet purchaser (you) for the credit via monthly maintenance or other fees.

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