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Sell Your Change

June 8, 2021

When it comes to your coins, stamps or paper money, Steib's Sales East Coast can help you

Steib's Sales East Coast can do a free verbal appraisal and tell you how much your collection is worth. Their expertise in app-raising is based on experience, auction records and the daily changes for the commoner material as reflected by dealer to dealer transactions in the market place.

HOLLYWOOD, FL. - Money is on everybody's mind these days. Coin collectors, (numismatists) if you are thinking about selling your high-end collection, toss a coin and if the answer is yes, consider contacting Steib's Sales East Coast, the experts in rare coins and paper currency.

Numismatics is often referred to as the "Hobby of Kings," because royalty and the wealthy engaged in it with such passion. Coins and currency tell stories with a perspective into history. Many numismatics collect for a variety of reasons. For example, they might specialize in high-quality coins, they might have inherited a collection, or coins are part of their investment portfolio.

Michael O'Higgins, President, "I bought the Florida, Stack's coin company and we are now called Steib's Sales East Coast. We also have offices in the northeast. The family owned business has dealt in high-end coin and paper currency investment portfolios for more than 60 years."

Many of Steib's clients are retirees who moved to Florida and still own their collection. Due to the economic climate, many individuals are willing to part with their collections due to the record high prices that rare coins are bringing. Steib's will buy your rare coins, gold coins, paper money, stamps, fine art, treasure sea salvage and gold jewelry.

Steib's have experts in all fields of numismatists, stamps and fine art. They are very interested in your high-end coins and also buy Confederate notes, minting errors and large denomination notes, such as: $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills.

Once you've made the decision to sell your high-end collection, make an appointment with Steib's. They are confident when you shop around and consult other coin dealerships, you will return to Steib's because they have a reputation for getting their clients top dollar for their valuable coin collections. They have a buyer for each type of numismatic material you might have and can buy them on consignment. In addition, Steib's has many outstanding resources to make sure you get an accurate market price.

Steib's will purchase your South African Gold Krugerrands, Maple Leafs and Gold Eagles. We can also market your numismatic gold coins and treasure coins. Record shattering rare coins have sold for as high as $7 Million at auction.

Michael O'Higgins Numis-matic Appraiser said, "We have different clients who seek our expertise. There are individuals who inherited coin collections and want a written appraisal, or just want to liquidate their inherited collection. We can do a free verbal appraisal and tell you how much your collection is worth. Our expertise in appraising is based on experience, auction records and the daily changes for the commoner material as reflected by dealer to dealer transactions in the market place."

Steib's will give you a purchase order with a complete listing with prices should you decide to sell your coin collection. Save the hassle of having to travel around and make calls to sell your coins, piece by piece. Wells Fargo Bank is right on the premises, so you can go downstairs and cash your check for immediate cash.

Rian J, a numismatic for Steib's, commented, "Today, people who want or need to sell will realize wonderful prices for their collections. Make an appointment and bring in your coin and currency collection for immediate sale. We also buy estates and help people resolve inheritance issues."

The link that coins have to history is what makes collecting exciting. Pockets to purses, a coin doesn't necessarily have to be old to be valuable. Even some of the recently minted United States commemorative coins have gone up in value.

Steib's exclusive office is very secure and confidential. They also make house calls to view large or valuable collections, either at the client's home, or at their bank. In addition, Steib's specializes in estates and works with attorneys, financial institutions and museums. Free verbal appraisal evaluations by appointment only.

We have more than 60 years of experience in buying and appraising high-end collections. Steib's Sales East Coast is a member of the following prestigious associations: The American Numismatist Association, Florida United Numismatists, The Professional Numismatic Guild and The American Numismatic Society.

Easy to find, 4 blocks east of I-95 on the South side of Hollywood Blvd. and of course, there is immediate parking, free of charge in front of the store.

Steib's Sales East Coast
2724 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33020.
Telephone: (954) 491-4423.

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