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Patriots Support Hallandale Sanitation Dept. but Oppose Parking Machines on Residential Streets

By Beverly Carawan

June 15, 2021

The Patriots are adamant about stopping the proposal by the Hallandale Beach City Commission to place digital parking machines along residential streets including Golden Isles Drive, Three Islands Blvd., NE 14th Avenue, Diana Drive and by all parking including YMCA and HB Johnson.

While the Hallandale & the Beaches Patriots Club had a very busy May including a great Memorial Day salute to Vets and families of the fallen, they are also focusing on local issues and members. Local Politics Committee, lead by Tara Weatherall monitors City & County Commissions.

The Club strongly supports reversing the proposal to outsource the Sanitation Department managed by the City. Unaware that this had passed 4-1 (Joy Cooper lone vote against) based on multi-unit buildings but is being expanded to the entire City. The most obvious reason against outsourcing is maintaining accountability. Hollywood and other cities learned bitter lessons why outsourcing is not in the best interests of residents when storm debris littered streets for months after severe storms. The city has no control, no recourse. Outside companies can also raise rates leaving residents at their mercy as confirmed by member, Miguel Castillo, who lives in West Hollywood. Rates are up 3 times City direct rates. Employees who have devoted themselves to serving the City of Hallandale Beach should also be a compelling reason to rethink outsourcing. Most residents know the employees who greet them and make sure their bins are placed safely and not damaged. This is not the case with outside companies whose workers can be careless damaging bins even leaving them in the street, again, residents have no recourse.

The Patriots are adamant about stopping the proposal by the Hallandale Beach City Com-mission to place digital parking machines along residential streets including Golden Isles Drive, Three Islands Blvd., NE 14th Avenue, Diana Drive and by all parking including YMCA and HB Johnson. (See map). Their zone permit idea would leave people who park in several zones, personal care aides or relatives who care for elderly paying full price for each zone. A compromise multizone discount might be considered if the plan proceeds. Verifying the actual upfront purchase cost of installation versus estimated income for each area should be published for public review.

Watch for announcements or July Community meeting to protest followed by two public Commission votes in August. The commission may not be aware that residents of these areas are already facing extremely limited parking options decreased previously by plantings and entry clearances. The idea that besides being faced with parking a long distance from their buildings now, they will also be paying $2.50 up to $4.00 per hour or estimated $300.00 for a yearly permit which still does not guarantee a parking space. This fee is a burden to fixed income Seniors and workers who are already income challenged.

Families may have to pay to park to watch their children's games in parks that do not have large enough free lots. The freedom and joy of taking your family to the park will be diminished by parking fees to do so. Patrons shopping for bargains on Fashion Row will be required to pay the meter possibly diminishing businesses that are already struggling. The club members plan to campaign actively to see that every affected resident calls and or emails City Commission members.

Go online to sign free petition by cutting and pasting this link into your browser on a cellphone or PC.

Voice Your Opinion By Making A Survey (Use The Wording Below)
The undersigned residents of Hallandale Beach are opposed to the city wide parking scheme to include all areas on map shown. We call on the Commission to reverse any plan for this city wide installation of digital parking machines. A compromise allowing ALL tourist area & Beach parking to be metered, should be considered. Other ways to target cars supposedly "stored" on the street should be a requirement to move cars every 5 days or be fined and towed. This will eliminate Residents/Seniors with two cars or no parking space who mostly walk, but do live year round, in the areas targeted. Surly enforcement is less costly, than upfront costs for meter machines and installation.

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Send the completed survey to the club,

Commissioners who all live in homes in non-targeted areas may not be aware or understand that those buying units may know they have one space, but not understand how difficult finding that second space is or that this scheme could be passed. Why should there be prejudice against those needing homes and buying in our fine city?

A MEMORIAL DAY Remembrance Event was held Saturday, May 29th at Haitian United Methodist Church, Hallandale Beach. Veterans, Forever Vets Wives, Red Shirts, several other S. Florida Vets groups attended, Residents including Police & Firefighters were invited as Vets were honored. DJ AL, Raffles, food and beverages, games, contests and prizes assured a good time. Candidates Carla Spalding, Rubin Young, Lin Su turned out to speak to the crowd. Jose Cuevas, Treasurer made introductions. Overall, the event was a successful forerunner of future patriotic holidays.

Contact the club at: Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Upper Deck Grille & Sportsbar from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the next meeting is on July 15th.

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