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Lila Bobick: The Realtor in Love with Buildings

By Felipe Castilla

December 30, 2021

Ross Lila Bobick has always loved buildings. She became enamored by their golden doors, elevators and the verandas. It is her eternal love affair.

“I remember going to the magnificent buildings in old downtown Bogota accompanying my father to the bank,” Miss Bobick said. “I could never forget that building and when I visited New York City for the first time, it struck me. The resemblance was incredible.”

Now she does real estate for a living and she is among the best. She has emerged as one of the most professional, dedicated and educated Estate Agents (they are called like that in London were she learned English) providing clients with an unrivaled amount of knowledge and expertise in the area of both real-estate and law's backround.

What is unique about Miss Bobick is that she actually began her career as a Lawyer in Colombia. Having studied law in Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, one of the most prestigious schools in the country (where the majority of the Presidents of Colombia studied), she quickly rose through the ranks and graduated among the top of her class and receiving nominations for the most desired distinctions from her university, one of which was the Colegial Nomination for Excellence.

She worked in major insurance companies in Colombia but mostly multinational firms like AIG from the United States, Allianz AGF from France, Diners Club among others. However, she soon had to flee Colombia to the United States due to the incredible amount of violence in the early 1990’s after the killing of her brother León in 1989 and was forced to begin her new life in a new country. Where others might have been overcome with fear, Miss Bobick saw this as an opportunity. "If there is something, I had never lacked, is courage and character" she said, "because don’t forget ones character is ones destiny."

“I quickly discovered a niche that I realized was, is and will always be one of the most important activities with regards to any economy and also an activity that embodies everybody's American dream,“ Miss Bobick said. “That is the acquiring of a home.”

She studied English in Brighton, England a small town only 45 minutes away from London.

She then took her first steps as a realtor when she began working for a Jewish gentleman from the Bronx named Harry Ruocco as a receptionist.

“I had all kind of challenges, British English and American English are very different” MIss Bobick said. “I didn’t get what people were saying over the phone, some days I wanted to scream.”

Again she advanced in her position from within the company eventually getting offered to assist Carol Kagno (from Boston), one of the major realtors in the company at that time.

Here again she demonstrated a remarkable capacity for Real Estate negotiating and a keen eye for property value. With Kagno as her mentor she was able to successfully come into her own as a realtor working in Hallan-dale Beach and Sunny Isles principally.

After gaining experience at Hallan-dale Beach (Beach Club, La Mer, Parker Dorado, Parker Plaza), she set her sights for Aventura where she established herself as a resident in Williams Islands 4000 Building and became an expert realtor in the area.

In fact, it is her residency in Aventura that gives her an intimate and detailed understanding of the properties in the area as well.

“Currently, I have among others, a beautiful Penthouse for sale at Turnberry Village South for only $724,900,” Miss Bobick said.

“Once you’re in a building you know the details and intricacies of that building,” MIss Bobick said. I’ll know how it works, what it needs, what it’s missing, what’s good and what’s bad, where it’s good to buy and where it’s good to sell too.”

And it is this very acute familiarity with the buildings throughout Aventura that make Miss Bobick so incredibly popular with her clients. She moved to Hallandale Beach which she sees as the most promissory area. She was the first agent to sell at the high-end new Oasis location at 1100 East Hallandale Beach Blvd. where the retail stores go for around 1 million dollars.

“I went and knocked on their doors and told them I had Colombian investors with cash,”she laughs.

In this way, Miss Bobick is able to intelligently maneuver through various areas to find clients the best possible deal on a property without any hassle, delay or mistakes. She is the cosmopolitan realtor, very well-traveled and has been to Greece, Turkey, Italy, Switzer-land, Central / South America and lived in the UK.

“ I have been to the Amazonas and I have a picture with Al-Capone’s car,” she said.

“Can you believe it? My late husband’s best friend (a Holocaust survivor) was a car collector.”

MIss Bobick currently works as both a residential and commercial realtor at Beachfront Realty Inc. in Aventura and services clients in the Turnberry area. Her clients, however, are as specialized as her knowledge. The majority of her customers are from the Jewish community in both New York and in Florida. However, she also has many South American clients looking to invest in South Florida properties.

If that was not enough, she also provides business start-up services, opening off shore corporations and ship registrations for her clients overseas (non American). She has her own firm called Rightdocs LLC.

Although MIss Bobick’s unique background and knowledge are truly special, one of the main reasons clients trust her most is due to her impeccable record. Unlike some other professionals out there, Miss Bobick has never had complaints for fraud, misled, or disappointed a client because she says at the end the only thing a person has is her or his name. Her law background and unwavering dedication to the client truly sets her apart from other REALTORS.

“The way I interact with my client's, I’m always considering what’s best for them, even when there’s not the most monetary benefit for me,” MIss Bobick said. “Because I’m looking to truly build long-term relationships with everyone I work with. I want my clients to come to me for help and I want their kids to come years later. That’s what I’m interested in.”

“I had fond memories of my client's weddings at Deal New Jersey at the Megan David,” she said. laughing “Don't you think the word ‘deal’ is a good omen?”

In one sentence she is highly educated, witty and trustworthy. She is currently seeking a post graduate law degree at St. Thomas University. Her goal is to be a Real estate Attorney that specializes in trusts and wills.

“When someone is gone is when one really needs someone one can trust,” she said. “In this life, trust is everything.”

Apart from buildings she enjoys art, museums, opera, comedy and theater, musicals and travelling. She recommends the Art Deco District in Miami Beach, The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the lectures at the Art deco Museum and actively supports the Miami Preservation League with time and contributions. She also supports the Polish Museum in Poland and the World Jewish Congress.

“I go to New York once a year just to visit the Mona Lisa of Vienna at the most gorgeous Art Nouveau Building the Neau Gallery in Fifth Avenue New York City,” she said. She wants to one day thank Mister Ronald Lauder in person for restoring the historic Rumbach Synagogue in Budapest, a building that was destroyed by the Nazis during their occupation of Hungary in the 1940’s.

When asked what she was reading she replied “Poems born in Bergen-Belsen, El Pintor de Auschwitz by Jacobo Celnik and J. Paul Getty formulas.“

She travels frequently and compares cities across the United States, always educating herself in various housing markets to better inform her clients.

“In the last six months I’ve been to New York, Las Vegas, South America and Los Angeles,” Miss Bobick said. “ I know that the best place to be is Miami Beach and South Florida so you need to call me and work with me because I’ll find you the best deal. I always do.“

You may reach Ross Lila Bobick at: (305) 866-4343, she is on Instagram as: lb1realtor and on Facebook as: Lila Bobick #1 Realtor.

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