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Just A Thought

By Brenda Frank - Local Realtor

July 14, 2022

If men get pregnant and don’t want to be, will they still want to carry, in their bellies, something that changes their bodies, stretches their skin, gives them morning sickness, many times becoming afternoon sickness, tiredness, losing their ability to smell some foods, give them Heartburn and Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins, lack of sleep and physically accept changing bodily functions?

How do they feel about being in acute labor for hours and then find out they need a Cesarean Section, a surgical procedure with the added stress of more required recuperation time and more financial responsibility due to this additional procedure?

Do they want to add doctor appointments for themselves and a newborn, to their busy schedules, which may also include taking care of their other children, running a household and holding down a job?

From having to pay for the aforementioned procedure due to being raped by a stranger or even worse, by a member of your own family, many of these females, are infants themselves. They know this can result in a child with permanent disabilities and may turn these infants over to a State Facility for unwanted children, children who will grow up permanently scarred knowing they weren’t conceived
by choice.

Certain Lawmakers are for cutting back sex education in classrooms and they, along with a number of voters and tax payers, already begrudge having to give financial aid to unmarried mothers. Where is the Law demanding the sperm provider provide his fair share and giving his time raising this child? None of today’s policies or lack thereof, makes sense.

Protect them in the womb but not in the room.

Oh yeah, what is the question? Will a man go through that? A while ago our Pharma developed a Birth Control Pill for men.* It was taken off the market. Why, you ask???

Because it makes them nauseous. I guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. One study was discontinued because the men were concerned about side effects; acne, pain, mood swings and depression. Hmmm, where have I heard of these drawbacks? Oh, yeah, from women.

Too bad ladies. Keep taking those pills before the Law removes the right for you to even have a choice to take them.

It’s a man’s world. He was built for heavy lifting. Women the weaker sex? I think not. Men can brag about carrying a heavy load but they don’t come close to carrying one for nine months.

The Supreme Court, nor should any Court, be allowed to control women. This is not just about Abortion. Lawmakers must not be allowed to take draconian measures turning women’s health issues into Criminal Offenses. Especially, those who have never been and will never be in this condition to pass Laws for another human being. Women’s lives matter.

*Does male birth control exist? Visit:

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