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Have a Plan Hallandale Beach: Recent Heavy Rains Give Us All A Reminder to Get Ready

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

July 7, 2022

Hope our readers had a great July 4th Weekend! I was going to cover the New Condominium Regulations but in light of calls and questions about Heavy Rains and Hurricane Season, I will be covering the New Regulations in Next Week's Article.

Make Sure You Have A Hurricane Plan
Hurricane Season started June first and many of our Residents have reached out about our Flooding. The past Heavy Rains have reminded us of all of the strength and uncertainty of Mother Nature. Our Staff has remained vigilant when it comes to working on our Drainage Systems. Over the past year, there have been maintenance schedules where our Trucks go out with the Vacuum Trucks and Clean Drains. Before the Storms they go out and check them.

Residents that have lived in the City for years called to ask about Sandbag Distribution. A few years ago, it was decided not to provide this service. It was extensive and costly to do while we are concerned with Securing City Streets and Properties. Residents were told to save their bags for future use. At our Last Meeting, this Item was brought up. I suggested that we look into the Cost of setting up a Self-Service Location. Residents that are in need would have access to Bags and Sand. The City Manager will be getting back to us on the cost and probable use.

Over the past year, we have installed many Screens that Prevent Pollution and Trash from getting into our Waterways. If you have a Drain on your Swale, it is great practice to make sure that they are Cleaned and Not Blocked Up. The City does not Maintain Private Property Parking Lot Drains. By Ordinance, these Drains are to be Maintained by the Owners. Once again, over the past 5 years with two different City Managers, many of these Programs were Not Being Implemented.

Another horrible Change was going to Contract with BSO. While Residents that were supporting the change were told that we would get better Coverage and it was not true. The City on its own, hires more Staff through a Grant. With this Change, The BSO Chief and Leadership are Not Contracted to be our Emergency Manager. City Manager Earle had to Appoint City Staff. Due to these changes over the past few months, our Disaster Cycle Services Team has been working closely with Broward County Emergency Management to Clarify our Roles and Responsibilities before and after a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Again, this Contract is a waste of over $1 Million Plus Dollars Per Year.

Other Items we coordinate with Broward County are for Evacuations and Shelters. It is important for everyone to understand the role of the American Red Cross with respect to Sheltering Operations prior to a Storm making Landfall and in a Post-Storm Period as well. We plan to provide the same Assistance as last year; support for Seven Shelters for Pre-Landfall and Manage Seven Shelters Post-Landfall. Additionally, we can adjust as needed based on discussions with the Broward County Emergency Management Team.

The Red Cross has a Hurricane App that can be Downloaded FREE to your Mobile Device. The App sends Location-Based Weather Alerts, includes Tips on How To Assemble an Emergency Kit in the Event of a Power Outage or Evacuation and a Real-Time Map to help you find the Location of Shelters should you need to leave your home. The App can be found in Smartphone App Stores By Searching for The American Red Cross. By Texting ‘EMERGENCY’ To: 90999. Or By Going To: Please share this information with your Staff and Constituents. For More Information on what to do Before, During and After a Hurricane, Please Visit:

As always, feel free to contact me anytime with your questions, concerns and ideas on how to make our City a great place to live, work and play! I am available by Phone or Text At: (954) 632-5700. E-mail me At: Or visit my Facebook & Web-Site At:

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