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Hallandale Beach Police Athletic League

By Stephen Cummings

July 1, 2021

PAL has embraced the phrase that “Sports are a metaphor for life”

The Hallandale Beach Police Athletic League has followed the lead of its national parent and will now be known as the Hallandale Beach Police Athletic/Activities League.

Jonathan Carrillo, Program Director explains that the organization will not only focus on team sports but, to emphasize its newly formed Leadership Academy supervised by Robert Flagg, who is mentoring teens, molding them with values to become productive citizens and conducting interactive exchanges via Zoom with young adults, regarding civic responsibilities.

Currently, Hallandale Beach PAL offers participation in basketball, baseball, football, cheerleading, soccer, track and field and girls’ volleyball, hosting 1,200 members. Athletes have earned several medals and won championships with the hallmark stressing the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork with respect for the players and the coaches.

PAL has embraced the phrase that “Sports are a metaphor for life” aiming to provide the youth for actual adult situations and developing, outstanding virtuous behavior.

The nascent Hallandale Beach Leadership Academy commenced during the recent Pandemic, through a generous grant from the national PAL office and offers an alternative to non-organized athletic competitions.

Coordinated by PAL employee, Robert Flagg, the program bears the name Civics-101, A Conversation over ice cream.

There are no classrooms or textbooks, but rather, interactive exchanges between the boys, the girls and various role models, from within the community.

Flagg is also credited with starting the anti-bullying program, it is aiming not only for our local schools, but hopefully, it is intended spreading throughout Broward County. Slogans such as “Imagine its you, Do Something” and “Don’t be apathetic, be empathetic,” to encourage our youth to be intolerable of such foolishness and not to watch, idly. Schools are encouraged to post signs that read NO BULLY ZONE throughout the buildings. Many students have adorned the beautiful NO BULLY ZONE T-shirts that have been seen throughout Hallandale Beach.

Another notable activity through the Leadership Academy, is entitled PAL Girls Summit with the tagline “Play nice, as I could be your CEO one day.” This activity is strictly geared toward females, where women who are corporate leaders share their experiences with the aspiring young girls.

The Hallandale Beach Police Athletic / Activities League sustains its programs through grants, fundraisers and donations from caring individuals. If you can contribute to ensuring the expansion of these beneficial programs, please contact Jonathan Carrillo at: (954) 457-1466.

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